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Humble Bundle Launches With Exclusive GOG.com Controversy

This post originally published at Game Politics.

A new Humble Bundle is upon us. This bundle launches the release of Botanicula,  the latest game from the creators of Machinarium, Amanita Designs. While these Humble Bundles are getting more and more common, this particular one launched with a fair bit of controversy.

This controversy stems from the fact that the only place to pre-order the game was from GOG.com. What was an exclusive deal for GOG and its customers quickly became the subject of ire and backlash from pre-order customers. You see, GOG sells the game for $10 and those who pre-ordered Botanicula got a partial soundtrack and some wallpapers. They thought that was a fairly good deal until they learned that those who buy from the Humble Bundle not only got the game, but 2 other games and the full Botanicula soundtrack. This could have been purchased for little more than $0.01.

This took GOG by surprise. It spent the next few hours quiet on the issue simply expressing their surprise before writing on Facebook that they would announce a good deal for those that pre-ordered the game. At the time of this writing, GOG had not announced what exactly that deal will be, but I did receive word from a representative of Amanita that they will not leave GOG customers hanging:

everybody who pre-ordered Botanicula on GOG.com will get the full soundtrack, the art-book (not released yet) and Machinarium for free tomorrow. and of course also our eternal gratitude for supporting us:)

Update: GOG has announced that along with what Amanita has promised, GOG is throwing in a copy of The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

That is a very fine remedy for what could have been a much larger issue had it been ignored for longer than a day. However, this really didn’t have to be this way at all. Had Amanita simply kept GOG in the loop with its launch plans, they could have worked together to prevent this fan fall out.

We all make mistakes, game developers too. So let’s not let a little bit of controversy over launch day promotions get in the way of enjoying what looks to be a very nice game. The guys at Amanita and GOG both want fans of the game to be happy and enjoy the purchases they made. I think that is the important part to remember.

Humble Indie Bundle #4 Is A Humble Success

Yet another Humble Indie Bundle has come to a close. After a little over 2 weeks of sales and some rough spots along the way, it has broken many of its own records. Let’s take a look at the final stats:

Humble Indie Bundle #4 stats
Humble Indie Bundle #4 Stats

Prior to this bundle, the Humble Indie Bundle #3 held all the records for total payments and unit purchases, $2,167,591.10 and 372,346 respectively. Bundle #4 also saw the highest individual contributions yet of any bundle. The prior record holder was from Bundle #2 with a highest contribution of $6,132.96.

While the record for the average price paid for these games is still held by Bundle #1 in all categories, there has been a huge increase in other aspects which is the much more important than those stats. However we can still see that Linux and Mac buyers are far more generous with their donations than Windows users. however, I would still like to see a mean price paid for all categories just to get a better idea of the true nature of spending.

One other stat of note, that holds kind of a personal note for me, is that Linux users only made up roughly 15% of total payments. This is the weakest showing yet of Linux gamers. Linux users usually have a better showing than that, but it is still a significant portion of the buying public. Of course it could also have been a bit lopsided because of the Steam riggers in the article linked above. Of course it is hard to tell based off this information. With even this in mind, it should help to persuade other PC game developers to port their games to Linux and Mac as well. It can be done and be quite profitable.

All that said, I look forward to the next bundle of games that will come. There are still tons of great indie games available to buy and many of them could use the exposure that a Humble Bundle can bring. So I say, let’s bring it.

Seriously People? What Kind Of Un-Humble Person Are You?

Here I am buying a Humble Indie Bundle for myself and as a gift for my brother and I learn some horrendous news. People are using the Humble Bundle as a way to game a Steam promotion. What is wrong with these people? Its bad enough that people still pirate the bundles, but to use them to game a promotion at another service is just wrong.

The Humble Guys said it very well themselves:

This is unfair to legitimate entrants and is definitely not what we wanted to encourage with Humble Indie Bundle 4. It’s a lose-lose situation for the indie developers, charities, Valve, and Humble Bundle.

Now because some people couldn’t be trusted to be honest, everyone that buys the bundle for under a $1 will be denied Steam keys unless they plead their case with Humble support.

I can understand someone not being able to afford $1 or more, but what these people is just ridiculous. I am seriously beyond words. The Humble guys are doing a great thing for indie developers and charities and you use that generosity for personal gain.

If I were these guys, I would seriously reflect back on your actions and adjust the amount you paid. It is only fair. After all, the Humble guys lost money due to your actions. Each transaction costs them at least $0.35 which means they lost $0.34 for every penny transaction.

Now I am going to get back to the awesome collection of games I just paid real money for.

A New Humble Indie Bundle Is Upon Us

The Humble Indie Bundle has hit the ground running today.  This is the fourth official bundle to be sold. Just like all the rest, all games sold will be DRM-free and will run on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games being sold this time around are also amazing. This bundle includes the following:

  • Jamestown
  • Bit.Trip Runner
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Shank
  • NightSky HD
  • Cave Story+
  • Gratuitous Space Battles

A truly epic list of games if there ever was one. So far this has been one of the most successful bundles to date. Earlier, the Humble Bundle tweeted, “We just hit 100,000 sales and $500,000 in a tiny bit over four hours!” As of this writing, it is almost to $1 million in sales. The previous record holder is the third bundle which sold a massive total of $2,167,519.10 and sold 372,346 bundles. At the rate this bundle is going, it will pass that record in no time.I like to think that this success is a direct result of my 1000th tweet being a promotion of the Humble Indie Bundle, but who am I kidding, this is the direct result of a group of extremely talented developers giving their fans what they want.

Check out the bundle. Buy it, and make sure that you pay more than the average so that you can get Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles. Also, watch the trailer. The Humor in this one is top notch.