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Tag: SteamOS

Valve, What The Crap Are You Doing With Steam Linux Support?

SteamOSLast week, I learned that Valve has done two very odd things in Steam when it comes to games with Linux support. The first move is that Valve has switched out the Linux Tux icon with its own Steam OS icon. The second is that it is removing the SteamOS icon from any games that claim Linux support but don’t work out of the box on SteamOS. These are troubling moves for those of us who like to game on Linux.

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Valve Goes Big With SteamOS Announcement

SteamOSSo Valve had been teasing a trio of announcements all weekend to be revealed this week. Pretty much everyone was sure the announcements would revolve around the SteamBox, a console powered by Steam, and boy are we not disappointed with the first announcement.

The first announcement was a doozy. Valve has announced its very own operating system, conveniently named SteamOS. This operating system is built on Linux, powered by Steam and is specifically designed to give you the most out of all your games. This has been the dream of many a PC gamer. An OS that cuts out all the crap your PC does to focus exclusively on the games you love playing. The best part? It’s completely free.

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