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Month: July 2013

Nintendo Won’t Have Cutscenes in Smash Bros Because Internet

Smash Bros

Nintendo just doesn’t seem to understand the internet. Not long ago, Nintendo decided to take over Let’s Play videos of its games. They did this for who knows what reason, but mainly because no one there seems to understand how those videos are actually good for Nintendo. So it isn’t really a surprise to see this next move.

Kotaku is reporting that the new Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and 3DS will no longer feature a story mode complete with cutscenes. Why? Because of the internet.

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Ouya Review: Freedom Fall

Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios

You know the old damsel in distress trope. The helpless princess is trapped atop a tower and the dashing hero must save her from the evil monster who put her there. Well, throw that trope into the grinder as we introduce you to Freedom Fall by Stirfire Studios. Freedom Fall turns that old trope on its head and features you the player, the dashing young rogue taken prisoner by a King and placed in a tower death trap designed by his very own daughter.

In Freedom Fall, you awake at the top of a vast tower prison with your door open. Upon attempting to escape, you see spinning blades, spikes and other dangers you must safely jump and slide through to survive your descent. Each level of this tower provides new and even more deadly traps that seek to maim and kill you. As you descend, you can also try to pick up as many machine parts as you can in order to upgrade your skillset.

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Ouya Review: Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest by Nimblebit

Over the last week, a lot of Ouya developers have been sharing their sales stats with the media. One such developer is Nimblebit and its Ouya game Nimble Quest. Nimblebit has been talking with the media and sharing some really low sales figures. It has said that it had only sold 122 copies of its game for a grand total of $427. While Nimblebit is not displeased with the Ouya, many other developers are trying to paint this is a reason why others should avoid the console. However, I posit that the reason why Nimble Quest hasn’t sold well is because of two reasons. 1) It just isn’t that great of a game. 2) It makes it near impossible to figure out how to buy it.

Nimble Quest is a snake game with RPG elements mixed in. In classic snake, you had to guide a growing snake around the play area, gobbling up food and growing each time you did. If you ran into yourself or the edge of the screen, you lost. Nimble Quest is very similar, but instead of a snake, you are a party of heroes with various abilities and strengths. Instead of eating food, you fight monsters. Instead of growing when eating food, you add additional heroes to your line as you advance. Everything else is the same.

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Ouya Matching Funds A Great Deal For Developers

The Ouya $1 Million Free The Games Fund

With the news yesterday on Ouya’s plans to match the successful Kickstarter campaigns of potentially Ouya exclusive games, a lot of people, both press and developers alike, have wondered if this is a good deal for indie developers. After thinking about it and seeing some numbers, I think it is.

The first thing going for Indie developers is that there are roughly 58,000 Kickstarter backed consoles in circulation right now. That is not including the thousands sold both by Ouya directly and participating retailers. That means there are 10s of thousands of console owners hungry for quality games to reach the console. While asking those console owners to wait a year or more for your game might seem daunting, it is nothing new. It happens all the time on Kickstarter.

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Ouya Seeks To Free The Games With $1 Million Matching Fund [UPDATED]

The Ouya $1 Million Free The Games Fund

After scoring support from the Kickstarter community to the tune of $8.6 million dollars last year, the makers of the indie based console are seeking to return the favor. Ouya has put together a plan to set aside $1 million to match the successful Kickstarter campaigns of Ouya exclusive games. There are some restrictions of course.

At the Free the Games website, they list the restrictions that apply to this campaign but they aren’t bad. First up, you have to let Ouya know that you plan to participate. Second, you have to include a specific notice on your campaign. Then you have to successfully meet your funding goal and raise a minimum of $50,000 to qualify for matching funds. Finally, your game must be an Ouya exclusive for a minimum of 6 months after release. That’s it.

Their hope is that they get a lot of attention from indie developers who want to get their hands on some of that money and who are willing to release exclusively for the console. I have been really enjoying playing on my Ouya and would love to see more quality games come to it. This could be that nudge to get even more great content.

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With the XBone, Lack Of Talking Was Not The Problem

XBone: Our PR Disasters Are Your Pain

The XBone has not had a very smooth ride at all since it was announced. At the time of its announcement, a lot of features and complications were announced and it left the masses with a huge “Huh?!” face. In the time between that original announcement and the E3 press event, the waters were muddied even more and people were even more confused. At E3, that confusion was topped with a $500 cherry. And all went to pieces for Microsoft.

After Sony blasted them and the press declared the XBone DOA, Microsoft quickly did an about face and returned to the status quo and all was fine in the world. At least that is what Microsoft hopes.

But what did Microsoft learn from all this? What lesson was there to be had from this massive PR disaster? According to Microsoft’s chief product officer Marc Whitten, the lesson is that they didn’t talk enough.

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Knightmare Tower Coming To iOS

Knightmare Tower Is Coming To iOS


Knightmare Tower is one of my favorite Ouya games so far. I have a lot of fun playing it. In fact, it was one of the first Ouya games I have spent money on. That puts it is limited company. But I learned a couple new things about the game today.

Dominique Lemire-Nault, Co-Founder of Juicy Beast, contacted me today and let me know that Knightmare Tower is their first self port of one of their games. They had usually used a third party to do the porting for them. The game was a free flash game prior to the Ouya release and they decided to tackle the port thanks to the Unity game development platform. This allowed them to make some major updates to the Ouya version.

Aside from that, there is bigger news for all you iOS users out there. Knightmare Tower is coming to iPhones and iPads near you. Also with major updates.

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