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Month: September 2013

Ouya Free The Games Fund Finds First Success In Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmares

It has been a rough couple of months for Ouya’s Free The Games Fund. After the first three potential games reached their funding goals under heavy criticism and claims of fraud, with one campaign being suspended by Kickstarter, another being canceled by the creator and the final gracefully bowing out of the funding race, we had thought that perhaps no games would ever qualify properly.

Of course, while all of those controversies raged, there was one game that kind of silently slid by in the background, Neverending Nightmares. This game slid by slowly gaining enough traction to remain relevant in the eyes of the media, but not so quickly as to gain the attention of those attacking the other campaigns. It even had a lofty goal of $99,000. Many thought it wasn’t going to make it as it was still far short of its goal when the last week opened up. But a miracle happened and the game was fully funded in the last remaining hours.

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Valve’s Final Reveal Is a Dual Trackpad Controller

Steam ControllerValve made the final of three reveals today. In this final announcement, Valve announced the design of a new controller they had been working on. This was one of the many rumors going around about what might come after the SteamOS and Steam Machine reveals from earlier in the week.

This controller moves beyond the dual analog sticks of modern console controllers. Instead, it focuses its inputs on dual trackpads. Valve touts these trackpads as having the fidelity of movement of a mouse and the ease of use as an analog stick.

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Valve Announces The Well Kept Secret Of The Steam Box

Steam MachinesIn its second announcement teased this week, Valve has surprised pretty much no one when it revealed its plans for Steam Machines. Basically, dedicated Steam consoles that you plug into your TV. This is something they have been talking about for the past year and everyone knew was coming.

This news was pretty much what everyone expected after revealing the Steam OS on Monday. While most details are still in the dark, they have revealed a few things.

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Valve Goes Big With SteamOS Announcement

SteamOSSo Valve had been teasing a trio of announcements all weekend to be revealed this week. Pretty much everyone was sure the announcements would revolve around the SteamBox, a console powered by Steam, and boy are we not disappointed with the first announcement.

The first announcement was a doozy. Valve has announced its very own operating system, conveniently named SteamOS. This operating system is built on Linux, powered by Steam and is specifically designed to give you the most out of all your games. This has been the dream of many a PC gamer. An OS that cuts out all the crap your PC does to focus exclusively on the games you love playing. The best part? It’s completely free.

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Ouya Revamps Free The Games Fund In Wake Of Controversies

The Ouya $1 Million Free The Games FundWow a lot happened today. I had originally planned on writing a story about yet another game project being swept up in the Free The Games Fund controversy. Earlier this week, Dungeons The Eye of Draconus had funded itself to $50,000 using money from the father of one of the developers. Then a lot happened that ended in Dungeons being delisted from the FTG website and the Kickstarter for the game being cancelled. It was crazy.

I had been trying to get information from both the developer and Ouya in regards to what had happened and received responses from both at the same time. While Dungeons has been cancelled, it was unclear why it might have been delisted. William McDonald was not sure why Ouya had done it, but assumed it was because of the controversy. But now things are more clear.

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Ouya’s Response To Free The Games Controversy Fails To Satisfy

The Ouya $1 Million Free The Games FundEver since the controversies over Gridiron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes hit, people have been clamoring for a response from someone at Ouya. The one response that we did get wasn’t satisfying. We sent emails to the Ouya team for further comment with no response. People have tweeted them with no response. People wanted to know how Ouya would face these controversies.

Well, in a sense, Ouya has responded further. It is certainly not the response that people expected, nor is it generally the response people needed. What Ouya responded with was a complete hand wave away from the controversies. It isn’t a bad response when taken in a bubble, but it fails to address the fears and concerns people have about the present and future of the Free The Games Fund. 

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