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Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 67

Super Podcast Action CommitteeThis week Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight are joined by Jeremy Powers, who talks about the feel-good story of this past week about finally being able to play video games with his daughter. Using the second screen of the Wii U, Jeremy’s daughter Jennifer was able to play New Super Luigi U with her family using the GamePad as her own personal screen. Jeremy talks about this family milestone and shares more details on some other things he’s tinkering with that have been inspired by this situation.

Also this week on the show, the crew talks about the Nintendo Wii U price, cut, the latest GamePolitics poll, and the curious case of a new hand-held from Nintendo (the 2DS) that ditches the form factor design, the 3D capabilities, and about $40 off the price tag of the 3DS to help build out the installed base of the platform. Download Episode 67 now: SuperPAC Episode 67 (1 hour, 15 minutes) 43.7 MB.

Finally, the Super PAC crew would like to welcome a new addition to our team: Jose Betancourt. Jose is a man of many talents; he serves as the community manager for the ECA’s social media, operates Let’s Talk About Games, and is involved in too many podcasts to list here. Jose will be helping us with audio editing. Given that he’s been doing it for over eight years, I think we’re all in good hands!

As always, you can subscribe to the show on iTunes and use our RSS Feed to add the show to your favorite news reader. You can also find us on Facebook, on Twitter@SuperPACPodcast and Google +. You can send us feedback on the show by dropping a note to

Credits: The Super Podcast Action Committee is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen, and produced by James Fudge. The show is edited by Jose Betancourt. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko and “Barroom Ballet” by Kevin MacLeod. Both are in the public domain and free to use. ECA bumper created by Andrew Eisen.

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