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Month: October 2013

Should Reviewers Play The Whole Game Before Writing Reviews?

Beyond: Two Souls

Earlier this week, Ben Kuchera of the Penny-Arcade Report got into some trouble over a review he wrote about the game Beyond: Two Souls. In that review, he found the gameplay to not be engaging or fun and the story to be derivative and weak, to put it mildly. However the main point of contention was not his final opinion on the game, but rather on the fact that he didn’t play the game all the way through.

This got me thinking, does a game reviewer have to play the whole game in order to write the final review? Should game reviewers be forced to play terrible games all the way through before telling the world they are terrible? Would you expect your friend to have played a game all the way through before telling you to not waste your time or money on it? Would you be willing to sit and play a game you are not enjoying all the way through before saying you are done?¬† Why do we have such high expectations of game reviewers when we don’t set the for ourselves or close friends?

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Ouya Review: Reaper

Reaper by HexageThere are times when I really want to like a game and really want to recommend that people play it. The game looks great and has a fun story and world to play in, but there are just so many core features that confuse me or just drive me nuts and I can’t for the life of me recommend it to anyone. This is my experience with Reaper by Hexage.

Reaper is a gorgeous game. The visuals are very striking and well drawn. The sounds effects and the music are great. The story line is a lot of fun to follow and explore. I love the monsters the game has you fighting. But there are just so many confusing aspects to core areas of the game and some very strange UI decisions that I am left wondering if I am actually enjoying the game.

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