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Month: January 2014

New Wave Of Trademark Trolling Is Upon Us As “Candy” Gets Trademarked

Candy Crush SagaThere doesn’t seem to be an end to the art of trademark trolling. One would have thought it would have ended with Tim Langdell being sent packing after trying to enforce his trademark on the single word “Edge”.┬áNot long ago we had Bethesda claiming that its trademark on “The Elder Scrolls” blocked any and all use of the single word “scrolls” in game titles. It used that claim to force Mojang to change the name of its fantasy card game “Scrolls”. We also have Zynga and its claim to any game title ending in “ville”.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not going to stop any time soon.

A new trademark bully in the making has entered the ring. King, the creator of the hit match three game Candy Crush Saga has been granted a trademark on the word “candy” in relation to games. Not “Candy Crush” or “Candy Crush Saga”, just “Candy”. King has taken no time in enforcing this new trademark.

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Ouya Review: Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow by Tasty Poison Games

In my college days, I used to play hours of Unreal Tournament 2013 with my friends. We would play it between classes, during classes and after classes. I had a lot of great memories of the game, even though I really sucked at playing it. I haven’t found a FPS that I enjoyed that much since then, not that I have really looked. However, I have found something that I think could be a good modern replacement for someone like me. That game is Neon Shadow by Tasty Poison Games.

I had been eyeing Neon Shadow for a while and got around to playing it this weekend. After spending the time to play through the demo content, I have found a very enjoyable game.

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