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Month: October 2015

The Library Of Congress Once Again Throws Us A Pointless Fair Use Bone

Copyright Consuming Fair Use Thanks To The DMCASince when is fair use something we must beg for on a triennial basis? I guess the answer is since 1998 when the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was signed into law. This law not only extended copyright terms by an additional 20 years, it created a section of law that basically told the public that we do not own the media and computing devices we buy. No, the companies that produced that media and those computing devices own it as long as those companies put DRM on the products to lock out uses they don’t approve of.


Waste Watch No. 3 Targets Online Toxicity Study And Revisits Nature Game Panned By Coburn’s Wastebook

Waste Watch No 3 by Re. Steve RussellRepresentative Steve Russell is back with his third Waste Watch report, which now looks to be coming out on a quarterly basis. In this report, Rep. Russell takes aim at a National Endowment for the Humanities study on toxicity in online video game communities and a NEH grant to continue funding a game based on Thoreau’s book Walden, a game that Senator Coburn panned in his 2012 Wastebook report.

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Valve, What The Crap Are You Doing With Steam Linux Support?

SteamOSLast week, I learned that Valve has done two very odd things in Steam when it comes to games with Linux support. The first move is that Valve has switched out the Linux Tux icon with its own Steam OS icon. The second is that it is removing the SteamOS icon from any games that claim Linux support but don’t work out of the box on SteamOS. These are troubling moves for those of us who like to game on Linux.

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