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Month: October 2016

Molehill Mountain Episode 23 – Let’s Switch It Up

On this week’s show, Andrew feels really bad about not liking Muramasa: The Demon Blade (1:01) then both he and EZK weigh in on the video game voice actor strike (12:00).

If you were left unsatisfied by Andrew’s reaction to Nintendo’s preview video of its new Switch gaming platform, EZK and he spend a good 90 minutes talking about the console formerly known as NX (27:46).


Nintendo Announces The Switch, Confirming The Most Recent NX Rumors

Nintendo Switch Do you remember all those rumors a while back about the NX being a hybrid mobile/console system with detachable controllers and cartridges instead of optical media? The ones that I was really worried about when I talked about them during one of my solo Molehill Mountain podcasts? Yeah those rumors. They were completely right. Today, Nintendo revealed that its next console is a hybrid mobile/home console called the Switch. If you haven’t watched the reveal trailer, where have you been? Anyway, here is the trailer:

Back when I talked about the NX rumors during the podcast, I expressed skepticism of the target market such a console would have. I was skeptical of exactly how such a system would market itself and compete with other consoles and mobile devices. I expressed plenty of skepticism of the whole idea in general. Well, not everything. I thought the change to game cartridges is a great idea.


Nintendo Announces NX Preview With Creepy Mario

peeping-marioGamers the world over rejoiced tonight as Nintendo finally popped its silence balloon and announced that it will air a “preview trailer” for its new console tomorrow morning (10/20/16) at 7a PST.

Its Twitter announcement was accompanied by the incredibly creepy image of Mario yanking back a shower curtain so he can watch you scrub your naughty bits.


Molehill Mountain Episode 22 – Bikini Butt Ninjas

On this week’s episode of the Molehill Mountain podcast, EZK and Andrew talk about an anime called “Keijo!!!!!!!!” where girls in bikinis try to knock each other off a pool float with their butts (12:12), if Virtual Reality finally ready to hit the mainstream (28:17) and whether Nintendo should reveal the NX before Christmas or sometime early next year (48:47).


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Single Tweet Movie Reviews

Today, I would like to waste some internet real estate to tell you about my latest in a long series of dumb ideas.

Every time a new Marvel show debuts on Netflix, I buy a month subscription so I can watch it.  It only took me four or five days to get through Luke Cage so, making the most of the remainder of my subscription, I queued up The Penguins of Madagascar and gave it a watch.

I had an opinion on the flick so I took to Twitter to express it and found it a bit of a challenge to cram my thoughts into 140 characters.  But!  I do love a challenge so for the past week, I’ve been composing movie reviews that are as entertaining and substantive as possible within the confines of a single, 140-character tweet.

It’s a really dumb idea!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 21 – Video Games Are Bigger Than Us

On this week’s episode of the Molehill Mountain podcast, EZK and Andrew discuss the longest we’ve spent doing something in a video game we really didn’t want to do (28:58), EA’s use of a real Twitter handle in FIFA 17 and its owner’s subsequent harassment (40:54), and what we thought of Luke Cage (50:03).


Twitter Handles And Email Addresses In Fiction, What Safe Guards Should Be In Place?

FIFA 17 by EAEveryone has seen a 555 number in a movie or TV show. The FCC has declared a subset of those numbers for purely fictional uses. They did this so that real people wouldn’t be harassed by people dialing numbers they see in movies. Of course it isn’t perfect. Some producers don’t realize that only the 0100-0199 block of those 555 numbers are dedicated to fiction. Sometimes a tv show or movie, especially one from a smaller producer, will just toss 555 in front of a random 4 digit number and expect they are safe.

While the fictional phone number is an industry standard, there isn’t a similar standard for other communication mediums. Phones aren’t the only means of communication these days. People use email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media to communicate with one another. While a lot of shows will just make up a social media service to use in their fiction, a lot of them are near indistinguishable from their real life counterpart.


Molehill Mountain Episode 20 – Let’s Talk About Boning

What?  Are you snickering at the episode title?

Get you’re mind out of the gutter!  “Boning” is a technical term used in 3D character animation.  Let Zachary tell you all about it (7:40).  He also offers up his impressions on the first four episodes of Luke Cage (15:07).  After that, EZK and Andrew discuss the Will Smith movie Hancock and develop a theory explainign why Superman is such a dick in the recent movies (38:53).  After that, we comment on Phil Spencer’s comments on Xbox One (45:24).

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