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Single Tweet Movie Reviews

Today, I would like to waste some internet real estate to tell you about my latest in a long series of dumb ideas.

Every time a new Marvel show debuts on Netflix, I buy a month subscription so I can watch it.  It only took me four or five days to get through Luke Cage so, making the most of the remainder of my subscription, I queued up The Penguins of Madagascar and gave it a watch.

I had an opinion on the flick so I took to Twitter to express it and found it a bit of a challenge to cram my thoughts into 140 characters.  But!  I do love a challenge so for the past week, I’ve been composing movie reviews that are as entertaining and substantive as possible within the confines of a single, 140-character tweet.

It’s a really dumb idea!

Dumb though the idea may be, I’ve found it to be an interesting challenge and a lot of fun.  I’ve gotten a kick out of figuring out the best way to communicate my thoughts on an entire movie in such a limited space.  And truth be told, I have less than 140 characters to work with for my review because the film’s title can hog a goodly amount of the available characters.  Try reviewing LEGO Jurassic World: Indominus Escapes and you’ll quickly find yourself without much room for the actual review!

I considered including a short hashtag like #STMR (Single Tweet Movie Review) so interested parties (hi Mom!) could have an easy way to find the fruits of my silly idea but that’s just an extra five characters I’d be giving up.  Six if you count the space in front of the hashtag!

Anyway, I’ve collected the Single Tweet Movie Reviews I’ve written so far below.  Let me know what you think.  Should I continue wasting my time?  Should I go ahead with a hashtag and make my little hobby even more challenging?

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  1. Infophile
    Infophile October 18, 2016

    Your weakness is your devotion to proper grammar and punctuation. U must overcum 2 win

    …Ugh, that was both painful to type and to read. You have my apologies and my sympathy.

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