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Category: Random Fun

Sega Mini Is Coming, But With What Games? [Updated]

The big news recently is that Sega is finally ready to launch their true competitor to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles. While it is true that Sega has licensed out their console brand and game libraries to At Games in the past for a retro console experience, those offerings were plagued with terrible controllers and emulation. In response, Sega pulled the development of their latest retro console experience in-house and will release it this year on September 19th.

However, much like Sony, Sega is holding some of its cards close to its chest. While we know that we will be getting a Genesis 1 formatted console and two of the 3-button controllers with HDMI output for $80, we only know 10 of the 40 announced games. Those games are Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania Bloodlines, Space Harrier II, Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, ToeJam & Earl, Comix Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, and Gunstar Heroes.

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If There Is A N64 Classic, This Is What We Think Should Be On It

Nintendo 64It has been frequently requested of Andrew and me to post our predictions/hopes/dreams of what would be on a hypothetical Nintendo 64 Classic Console.We both remembered that we have discussed this in the past, and Andrew was kind enough to find that discussion in the 69th episode of Molehill Mountain.

There really isn’t a lot to go on at this time about such a system. If one does arise, there is not likely to be more than 15-20 games on it. Andrew and I both kept our lists to a maximum of 15 titles. One thing that would make such a system tricky is that it supported up to four controllers and the button layout is very different from modern Nintendo controllers.

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Gamers Raise Over $8 Million for CMN Hospitals

Every year, the Extra-Life charity event tasks gamers with a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  This year, participating gamers raised (as of this writing) $8,338,500!

I live in San Diego so I was playing for the Rady Children’s Hospital.  With the help of a bunch of super generous people, I raised $825 this year which is by far the most I’ve raised for Rady Children’s in a single year!

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What if Nintendo made a new console dedicated to retro-style games?

nes-classic-edition-boxA couple of weeks ago, prior to the Nintendo Switch announcement, I had a weird dream in which it turned out that the upcoming NES Classic Edition actually was the NX.

That’s dumb but I shared it on Twitter anyway and one of my followers replied, “Don’t scare me like that. Unless…unless they plan to make new NES games. Old-school meets modern AAA.”

And that got me thinking… What if Nintendo made a new console dedicated to retro-style games?


Single Tweet Movie Reviews

Today, I would like to waste some internet real estate to tell you about my latest in a long series of dumb ideas.

Every time a new Marvel show debuts on Netflix, I buy a month subscription so I can watch it.  It only took me four or five days to get through Luke Cage so, making the most of the remainder of my subscription, I queued up The Penguins of Madagascar and gave it a watch.

I had an opinion on the flick so I took to Twitter to express it and found it a bit of a challenge to cram my thoughts into 140 characters.  But!  I do love a challenge so for the past week, I’ve been composing movie reviews that are as entertaining and substantive as possible within the confines of a single, 140-character tweet.

It’s a really dumb idea!

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Best Sext Ever!

best-sextI was driving home from the grocery store at 9:06 last night when the phone in my pocket vibrated, informing me that I had received a text.  I’m a super duper safe driver who obeys laws dictating what you can and cannot do with your phone while driving in the bone-dry state of California so I left it in my pocket and continued on my way.

I arrived home, put my groceries away and finally checked my phone.  This is the text messaged I’d received:

“im not wearin any soocks and i have the panties to match”

Oooh yeeeah…

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Which games should be included on a prospective SNES Classic Edition?

SNESIn November, Nintendo will release the NES Classic Edition, a mini retro console that comes pre-loaded with 30 classic NES games for about 60 bucks.

Being the silly gamers we are, we’ve of course got our eyes set on the presumed next big thing, an SNES Classic Edition!  On the last podcast, EZK and I each proposed a lineup of 30 awesome SNES games for just such a console.  You’ll find our choices along with a compilation of our readers’ most requested titles below.

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Let’s suggest 30 games for a prospective SNES Classic Edition!

SNESIn November, Nintendo will release the NES Classic Edition, a mini retro console that includes 30 classic NES games for $60.  Naturally, many gamers expect Nintendo will eventually release a similar product that will include a selection of classic Super NES games.

But why wait for Nintendo to announce an official product?  Let’s come up with our own list of 30 SNES games for the assumed SNES Classic Edition!


We Pick Our Own Game Lineup for the NES Classic Edition

NES Classic EditionOn November 11th, Nintendo will release the NES Classic Edition in the US for $59.99 (the UK version launches for a similar price around the same time).  The mini retro console will include 30 classic NES games and while we all have our favorites, most everyone agrees it’s a pretty solid list of titles.

Still, the RandomTower crew thought it would be fun to come up with our own lists of 30 NES games and revealed them on last week’s podcast.  For convenience’s sake, I’ve reproduced our lists below so you can compare them to Nintendo’s.  Games not on the original list are highlighted in red