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Sora Hjort

Hmm… Ideas for names.. Ideas for names…..
The Modcast
The Tower Whispers (Whisperers?)
The Random Access Committee
The Eisen Knight(s)
(Alt) Eisen @ Knight Show
The Feminist Joysticks
Up Up Down Down
D-Padding Discussion
Why are we here? Podcast
The Random Tower Speaks Podcast
We are the Kids of Gamerica (Ok, when I spoke it out loud it sounded like “Gay-merica”, so maybe not)
Retro Neo (Only if you wear 80s stuff and say things like “Cowabunga”)
The Podcast Named Sally
Title Pending Podcast

And my final suggestion
The CRT Monitors Podcast (I can’t think of what to have CRT stand for, could also replace it with LCD if that is easier to figure out what the acronym meant in relation to the podcast)