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Tag: Call of Duty

Molehill Mountain Episode 95 – Do I Look Like I’m Made of Cardboard?

Cardboard is expensive, yo!

0:10 – Andrew really, really doesn’t like baby Haruto in Yakuza 6

17:26 – Let’s talk about marijuana. ‘Cause why not?

32:21 – New Call of Duty rumored to drop the single player campaign. It is not rumored to drop the price.

52:52 – Nintendo Labo is super cool but super overpriced!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 73 – The Fault In Our Star Wars

Star Wars is going to make more Star Wars to go with our Star Wars!

22:07 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles added to Injustice 2 roster

31:13 – EA buys Respawn. Will probably kill it like all the others

41:34 – Star Wars announced even more Star Wars to go with all the Star Wars!

51:30 – Take-Two and Ubisoft have some very interesting pet names for microtranactions and DLC

57:45 – After a decade and a half, Humvee takes it to Activision for using its product in Call of Duty

1:16:42 – Gamestop opens games and sells them as new

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