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Tag: FTC

Molehill Mountain Episode 98 – Bacon Is Great!

I was on call last weekend and spent most of the podcast on the phone but EZK was there to pick up my slack!

11:30 – Nintendo updates warranty after FTC warning

24:07 – Nintendo reveals online service details

43:53 – Shane Black is making a new Predator movie and we’ve seen the first trailer

55:15 – Syfy passed on a new Tremors TV show. What did we think of the pilot’s trailer?

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Molehill Mountain Episode 94 – Peeps Are Gross

They’re selling “Pancakes & Syrup” flavored Peeps. I’m not kidding.

1:53 – Andrew reads his first romance novel!

29:24 – Shenmue has earned it’s place in history but the games are honestly not very good

46:29 – FTC tells Sony, Nintendo and others that they can’t void customer warranties by removing stickers or using third-party services/parts

54:51 – Steam’s privacy changes kill Steam Spy service

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