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Molehill Mountain Episode 96 – Bacon Is Overrated

Kiwi is underrated.

14:39 – Nintendo notices its board of directors is a sausage fest

28:48 – UPS has an awesome idea for a Nintendo Labo product

33:25 – Firewatch devs acquired by Valve

45:45 – Quantic Dream sues media over unflattering reporting

51:45 – Epic still moving forward with its lawsuit against a 14-year-old Fortnight cheater

1:01:28 – CIA training games were released through a FOIA request and Techdirt decided to Kickstart a game based on one of them

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Molehill Mountain Episode 60 – Mayo Beat Ketchup?!!!

I don’t know. You wanna talk about games?

Let’s talk about games.

  • 0:55 – Andrew explains why he gets so much adult-oriented spam
  • 7:11 – We officially start the show and discuss party dynamics in RPGs
  • 20:05 – Mario + Rabbids is looking pretty good and not just because it has a singing boss enemy
  • 32:40 – Two Senran Kagura games are coming to the Switch in all their… uh, glory?
  • 43:55 – We discuss the pricing models of Hamster’s Arcade Classics and Nintendo’s Virtual Console
  • 1:00:03 – Tabletop games are doing better than video games on Kickstarter
  • 1:24:35 – Nintendo clarifies how amiibo are used with Metroid: Samus Returns

Controversial Gridiron Thunder Exceeds Funding Goal [UPDATED]

Gridiron Thunder by MogoTXTJust yesterday, the other controversial Ouya Kickstarter, Gridiron Thunder, reached, exceeded, and successfully finished its funding. This campaign, while controversial in nature, was a far different controversy than the one for Elementary, My Dear Holmes. Where Elementary was controversial for the seemingly high number of fake accounts backing it, Gridiron was controversial for the low number of backers and the vast amount of funds raised by them.

Closing out with only 183 backers, Gridiron raised $171,009 in thirty days. That is about $934 raised per backer. This seems to be because the vast majority of the funds raised were done via $10,000 pledges. While there are no rules against pledging high amounts, neither by Kickstarter nor Ouya, it has called into question just who actually wants to see this game made.

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Elementary’s Conroversial Kickstarter Campaign Has Been Suspended

Elementary, My Dear HolmesThe campaign for the controversial Ouya exclusive game Elementary, My Dear Holmes has been suspended as of Friday, September 6. This game, had it not been suspended, would have qualified for Ouya matching funds for the Free The Games program. However, Elementary had been plagued with controversy since shortly after starting due to numerous seemingly fake accounts backing it and pushing it to full funding within a few days of launching.

Kickstarter has given no word to any backers nor to the project’s creator on why it has been suspended. We asked Sam Chandola what he knew about the suspension and he was not sure as Kickstarter doesn’t provide that information. In a message sent to backers, Sam reaffirms that he had been trying to verify the authenticity of the alleged fake accounts.

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Ouya Responds To Kickstarter Controversies

Ouya Console ControllerDuring the controversies over the potential for the two successful Ouya Kickstarters being scams, Ouya has remained mostly silent. Their communications have mostly been a simple congratulatory note toward both Gridiron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes. People have been pressuring Ouya for more and they have now relented.

In a forum post at the unofficial Ouya Forums, one admin posted the message he was given by Ouya representatives. While this message will not satisfy the demands of those seeking Ouya’s blood, it does put a definitive statement down for Ouya.

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Elementary, My Dear Holmes Is Legit According To Kickstarter

Elementary, My Dear HolmesEarlier today, we reported on the concerns that the two successful Ouya Kickstarter projects were scams. While there were some rather strikingly large pledges for Gridiron Thunder, we felt the concerns over Elementary, My Dear Holmes were a bit overblown.

Well, we can now confirm that Elementary is legit. At least as far as Kickstarter is concerned. Sam Chandola, the project creator, has been very open about those concerns and had requested an investigation from Kickstarter. In a comment on the Kickstarter, he confirmed that Kickstarter doesn’t feel any real concern over the backers and their pledges.

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Are The Recent Ouya Kickstarter Successes Scams?

The Ouya $1 Million Free The Games FundThat is the question being asked around the media and on the Kickstarters themselves. You may recall back in July that Ouya announced its “Free The Games Fund”, a matching program for successful Kickstarters in exchange for six months of Ouya exclusivity. Since then, a number of Kickstarters have sprung up to join the program. Two of those projects, Gridiron Thunder and Elementary, My Dear Holmes, have reached their goals of $75,000 and $50,000, respectively, pretty quickly. This has raised some concerns among potential backers and Ouya critics that shady dealing have been going down.

While most of the criticisms have little corroborating evidence, there are some very peculiar events happening. The first major issue is with Gridiron Thunder mostly. It has only 129 backers at this time and total donations of over $78,000. A lot of people wonder where that money came from. When looking at the site Kicktraq for Gridiron Thunder, we see some very large donations in a short period of time. There are two separate days that saw over $10,000 raised, one day with over $5,000 and two more days with over $25,000. Those five days are well above the normal daily donation topping at $700 on a good day and under $300 most days. Those five donations put it at its funding goal and sealing Ouya matching funds.

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