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Molehill Mountain Episode 23 – Let’s Switch It Up

On this week’s show, Andrew feels really bad about not liking Muramasa: The Demon Blade (1:01) then both he and EZK weigh in on the video game voice actor strike (12:00).

If you were left unsatisfied by Andrew’s reaction to Nintendo’s preview video of its new Switch gaming platform, EZK and he spend a good 90 minutes talking about the console formerly known as NX (27:46).


Nintendo Announces The Switch, Confirming The Most Recent NX Rumors

Nintendo Switch Do you remember all those rumors a while back about the NX being a hybrid mobile/console system with detachable controllers and cartridges instead of optical media? The ones that I was really worried about when I talked about them during one of my solo Molehill Mountain podcasts? Yeah those rumors. They were completely right. Today, Nintendo revealed that its next console is a hybrid mobile/home console called the Switch. If you haven’t watched the reveal trailer, where have you been? Anyway, here is the trailer:

Back when I talked about the NX rumors during the podcast, I expressed skepticism of the target market such a console would have. I was skeptical of exactly how such a system would market itself and compete with other consoles and mobile devices. I expressed plenty of skepticism of the whole idea in general. Well, not everything. I thought the change to game cartridges is a great idea.


Nintendo Announces NX Preview With Creepy Mario

peeping-marioGamers the world over rejoiced tonight as Nintendo finally popped its silence balloon and announced that it will air a “preview trailer” for its new console tomorrow morning (10/20/16) at 7a PST.

Its Twitter announcement was accompanied by the incredibly creepy image of Mario yanking back a shower curtain so he can watch you scrub your naughty bits.


Molehill Mountain Episode 22 – Bikini Butt Ninjas

On this week’s episode of the Molehill Mountain podcast, EZK and Andrew talk about an anime called “Keijo!!!!!!!!” where girls in bikinis try to knock each other off a pool float with their butts (12:12), if Virtual Reality finally ready to hit the mainstream (28:17) and whether Nintendo should reveal the NX before Christmas or sometime early next year (48:47).


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Molehill Mountain Episode 11 – The Andrew-less NX Discussion

Hey folks, E. Zachary Knight here. For tonight, I will talk about the crazy rumors about the NX. I will also have some thoughts about Batman v Superman (I finally saw it). Also, the game engine I use to make games, HaxeFlixel, has a very successful crowdfunding campaign. You can also ask me some questions too if you want.

  • 23:23 – HaxeFlixel has a successful crowdfunding campaigns. Plus I talk about games I am making.
  • 34:25 – I address the latest Nintendo NX rumors.
  • 56:00 – Batman v Superman really does suck.
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Molehill Mountain Episode 7 – Quietly Into the Night

As it happens, Andrew is going to be busy for the next several Saturdays in a row so this is his last episode of the podcast until August.  In the latest episode, you get him all to yourselves for an hour and a half.  Ain’t that peachy!

  • 1:10 – I have a problem. A Ghostbusters problem.
  • 10:50 – Let’s talk about the localization of Tokyo Mirage Sessions! Again.
  • 17:35 – Let’s speculate about the NX, Nintendo’s new console that we still know almost nothing about!
  • 22:07 – GameStop made me mad. Here’s why.
  • 26:24 – More NX talk! Game controller talk! Zelda talk! Paper Mario talk!
  • 46:18 – Wind Waker is five times better than Skyward Sword. Do I agree?
  • 58:15 – I share my thoughts on VR.
  • 1:13:13 – Let’s talk about accuracy (and ethics!) in entertainment journalism.
  • 1:22:00 – Let’s talk about video games and keeping the original language track!

Lonely Andrew Yaks About Video Games and Stuff

Andrew is all by his lonesome on this week’s podcast.  Topics discussed include the recent Nintendo NX and Zelda news (2:45), removing content from western localizations and how it affects games like Yakuza 3(22:49), what to do about prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto games (41:02), and Sony’s continued failure at marketing the new Ghostbusters movie (1:07:35).

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The Podcast With No Name

We’re still working on a name but the first post-Super Podcast Action Committee podcast is in the bag and you can watch it over to the left.  This week, EZK and I discussed the sad truth behind my love for LEGO games (7:42), the possibility of Nintendo NX news hitting early this week (30:04), whether GameStop’s publishing plans could hurt its gaming magazine’s credibility (34:45), the proposed “No Sale Promise” for digital games (50:24), and whether movie theater audiences improve the theater-going experience (1:06:01).