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Why I Am Not Excited About The Next Generation Of Game Consoles

Wii U, XBox One, PS4A new wave of home consoles is upon us. Last year, Nintendo’s successor to the Wii launched in the form of the Wii U. Tomorrow, the Playstation 4 is launching. Next week, the XBox One, this is the third console in the XBox lineup not to be confused with the original XBox, is launching. Yet, I find myself not at all excited about these new consoles.

Despite the best efforts of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to wow me with the new shiny, I simply can’t muster up any real excitement for these consoles. Yes, the Wii U is the first high definition console from Nintendo. Yes the PS4 and the XBox One are more powerful and can display bigger and brighter explosions on my TV set. Yet, there is something that they lack. Something that they just can’t compete with.


Sony Does What Microsoft Don’t. Used Games Allowed. No Online Required. $399 At Launch

PS4 Console RevealedWow. After all the ranting I did over Microsoft’s and EA’s pressers, I wasn’t expecting this. Sony pulled out of no where and just killed the competition. Seriously. I was ready to just say, hey some great games, nothing much else. But that was nothing compared to the last 10 minutes. Sony just took Microsoft to town. Here is a list of all the things that the PS4 will do that the XBone won’t: