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Tag: Region Locks

Region Locking Is Ancient And Obsolete; Nintendo Needs To Get Rid Of It

End Region Locking; Nintendo Region Free

This isn’t my first rant about Nintendo region locking its consoles. It probably won’t be the last, unless Nintendo does what its fans want and get’s rid of them. My first rant was less about the region locks, but more about Nintendo’s indifference to its fans who want to play games released in regions other than their own. My second was in direct response to the news that the Wii U would be region locked. Finally, I wrote up my thoughts about this whole fiasco after the news was released that Sony and Microsoft would not region lock their new consoles. There is a disturbing trend in all this.

After the success of getting Sony and Microsoft to back down from DRM on used games, game fans have turned their sites on Nintendo and the last major anti-consumer issue facing them at this time, region locks on the Wii U and 3DS. The image above comes from this effort found on a Neogaf thread calling for fan action in demanding a region free update.

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