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Sega Announces 10 More Genesis Mini Titles

Sega has released the titles of 10 more games coming to the Genesis Mini coming September 19. Andrew and I took the time to come up with 30 games we would like to see on this console. So where do these 10 games line up with our predictions?

Well, the image to the left are the 3 games of the 10 that either both of us or one of us predicted. Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 2 were both really safe bets. Andrew listed Contra: Hard Corps. That was it for titles on our lists. So what other games did Sega reveal that are coming to the Mini?

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Sega Mini Is Coming, But With What Games? [Updated]

The big news recently is that Sega is finally ready to launch their true competitor to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles. While it is true that Sega has licensed out their console brand and game libraries to At Games in the past for a retro console experience, those offerings were plagued with terrible controllers and emulation. In response, Sega pulled the development of their latest retro console experience in-house and will release it this year on September 19th.

However, much like Sony, Sega is holding some of its cards close to its chest. While we know that we will be getting a Genesis 1 formatted console and two of the 3-button controllers with HDMI output for $80, we only know 10 of the 40 announced games. Those games are Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania Bloodlines, Space Harrier II, Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, ToeJam & Earl, Comix Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, and Gunstar Heroes.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 54 – Atari’s Back!!!

By request, we’ve kept our pre-show banter in the video version of the podcast.  You can skip ahead to the start of the show proper (or another topic) with the timestamps below.  In the show’s final half hour, Andrew and Zachary discuss the future of AR games the cost of living in San Diego.

8:54 – We finally start the show!

37:14 – Atari is introducing new gaming hardware. What do we think it is?

51:11 – Sega is bringing its classic games to mobile devices for free (with ads)

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Molehill Mountain Episode 43 – Early Access Podcast

We know it’s hard to fall asleep at night until you know what Andrew and Zachary discussed on the previous weekend’s podcast so, here you go.  Rest now, friends.

13:43 – The Gearbox and G2A kerfuffle

24:30 – Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford takes no responsibility for Gearbox/G2A deal

29:52 – Atlus comes down on Persona 5 streaming in an exceptionally odd way

49:49 – Persona 5 has nearly $100-worth of grossly overpriced DLC

55:11 – The video game industry’s nasty habit of releasing broken games

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Molehill Mountain Episode 18 – We’re Good Because We’re Not Bad

EZK and I start out this week’s podcast talking about comic books, cause why not?  We then continue Kicking the Bucket List, revealing super interesting things about ourselves such as whether we’ve ever been in the back of a police car and which celebrities we’ve met (14:40) and finally discuss how Sega and Capcom earned internet cookies this week by, respectively, not DMCA-ing a fan game and announcing no microtransactions in Resident Evil VII (44:40).

Positive feedback is a wonderful thing but are our expectations of the AAA game industry really so low that we celebrate companies simply for not doing the things we hate?

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No Sega Isn’t Firing Back At Nintendo’s Retro NES

Sega Classic Game Console released in 2014After Nintendo’s announcement two weeks ago on the retro NES Classic console, people woke up to the idea of classic gaming in the modern age on reproduction consoles. This week, stories started circulating that Sega is now firing back at Nintendo by not only releasing a retro Genesis console, but also a handheld. They make this claim by pointing out the release of a Sonic 25th Anniversary Sega portable with built in games.

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YouTube COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT appears!  SEGA used TACT! It’s super effective!

Sonic BoomRemember when Sega was yanking gameplay videos of Shining Force off of YouTube?  Even videos where fans were merely discussing the game were getting flagged for copyright violations.

Yeah, bad times.

Well, it seems like Sega has come a long way in the last few years regarding YouTube copyright claims as it has decided to exercise an amazing amount of tact while simultaneously making entirely reasonable claims.

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