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Tag: SWATting

Molehill Mountain Episode 81 – No Rush For Gravity Rush 2

Why pay full price for a video game when you can pay full price for HALF a video game?

0:02 – Emergency system accidentally sends out a false alarm that a missile is on its way to Hawaii

8:54 – We start the show! I played the Dragon Quest Builders demo and EZK watched The Punisher on Netflix

40:29 – Half of the new BlazBlue game’s characters will be paid DLC

49:40 – Sony postpones shutting down Gravity Rush 2’s servers until July

59:15 – Swatter who got Kansas man killed charged with manslaughter

1:05:53 – Western localization of Detective Pikachu announced

1:10:10 – We discuss everything announced during Nintendo’s recent Direct

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