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Nintendo Shows That Nintendo Is The Only Reason To Get A Wii U

Super Mario 3D World With Playable Peach and ToadInstead of doing a big press event like the other console manufacturers, Nintendo decided to do things differently this year. They did a Nintendo Direct broadcast along with not just a booth at the E3 show floor, but also at Best Buys around the US. Those Best Buy demo stations will be available June 12 and 15 for four hour blocks each. Unfortunately, that is about all that Nintendo had going for it.

Since Nintendo has no new hardware to reveal this year, the Direct was all about games. Mostly Nintendo brand games. Yes, we will be getting a new 3D Mario, Super Mario 3D World. This will be a four player game and features Toad and Peach as playable characters. Mario also gets a new cat power up that allows him to climb walls. Next we will be getting a new Mario Kart game. This one features more 3D racing action such as racing along walls and ceilings. If you have vertigo problems this might not be good for you. Among the other games shown is a new Donkey Kong game that features Vikings as the antagonists. This one is called Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. The Windwaker HD Remake was featured as well.

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