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Molehill Mountain Episode 87 – Publishers and Politicians

It’s like they’re trying to piss us off.

0:00 – Monster Hunter World’s DLC is grossly overpriced.

10:18 – YouTube’s recommendations algorithm sucks.

28:38 – Game developer uses malware as DRM. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

41:34 – ESA doesn’t want you to enjoy anything it can’t make money off of, bemoans it sees no revenue from admission fees of museums displaying video games that have long since been end-of-life’d.

56:28 – Konami is monetizing extra save slots. Seriously.

1:02:38 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ educational spin off saddled with unnecessary censorship.

1:09:26 – Politicians are being dumb about video games. Again.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 65 – Nintendo Has NOT Erased Mario & Luigi’s Past

Let’s get upset about the internet getting upset about things!

0:00 – We talk about IT even though neither of us have seen it.

12:17 – Google labels us a file sharing site for… hosting our own podcast?

18:19 – All of YouTube’s changes are terrible. All of them.

29:35 – My patience pays off! Both Resident Evil 7 and L.A. Noire get Gold/Deluxe editions that include all the DLC!

37:47 – Rockstar ensures Switch version of L.A. Noire sells like crap by charging $10 more for the visually inferior version

49:32 – Nintendo character profiles for Mario and Luigi mention the boys used to work as plumbers, internet loses its damn fool mind.

59:34 – South Park video game ties difficulty to skin color.

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YouTube COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT appears!  SEGA used TACT! It’s super effective!

Sonic BoomRemember when Sega was yanking gameplay videos of Shining Force off of YouTube?  Even videos where fans were merely discussing the game were getting flagged for copyright violations.

Yeah, bad times.

Well, it seems like Sega has come a long way in the last few years regarding YouTube copyright claims as it has decided to exercise an amazing amount of tact while simultaneously making entirely reasonable claims.

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Google Makes Right With Content Creators In Announced Content ID Changes

Monetization During DisputeSince Google launched its Content ID program on YouTube, it has been plagued with problems. The biggest problem is that anyone can claim a video without having to provide anything resembling proof. Additionally, when a video is claimed, the original creator completely loses control over the monetization of their work.

That is all going to change with one little adjustment from Google.


Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 167

Super Podcast Action CommitteeOn this week’s show (episode 167) hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight discuss the latest GamePolitics poll (“Which type of game review most influences your purchasing decisions?” – 13:49), Polygon and Kill Screen’s reactions to a nearly all male jury for this year’s Game Awards (25:50), Kotaku being blacklisted by Bethesda and Ubisoft (40:10), and YouTube’s new fair use initiative (52:35).

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Super Podcast Action Committee LIVE – Episode 106

Super Podcast Action CommitteeAnother week, another live episode. If you missed the live show over the weekend you can check it out now on YouTube. We’re still working out some of the kinks.

This week hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight discussed a lot of topics (markers below if you want to skip around) including Youtubers taking money from publishers, MSNBC talking about video games, Apple’s sexists policies on engraving, Ninja Pizza Girl, Marvel’s attempts at diversification and Nintendo’s similar attempts at diversification.

You can check out the video on YouTube or watch it below.

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