XPO Gaming Convention Announced For October 2015 In Tulsa

XPO Video Gaming Convention October 2015Oklahoma has a number of conventions throughout the year, comics, technology, anime, and even some gaming. Now we have a new contender in the gaming convention sector, XPO. XPO held a press event today to announce the first ever XPO Video Gaming Convention happening in October of 2015. XPO plans to be a massive regional gaming convention that will attract the attention of local indie developers as well as multinational console and game development companies.

From small independents to global publishing brands, XPO will showcase and celebrate the gaming industry and the players who love it. Everyone will have the opportunity to network, present their latest achievements and maybe discover the next big independent developer, Streaming personality or biggest fan! Come and enjoy a few days and remember why you love this industry.

Partnering with XPO for the announcement, Tulsa based Bonozo Apps president Matt Harmon expressed his support for XPO and his hope that it will be a major draw for game developers. Matt was also kind enough to record and upload the press event for all of us. (see below)

This is an exciting prospect for Oklahoma. While the state will continue to host the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition and the Retro Gamer hosted Super! Bitcon, this will be the first Oklahoma hosted event that will rival events like PAX.

We certainly look forward to learning more about XPO and who they can attract as vendors and panelists for the event next year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 109

Super Podcast Action CommitteeOn this week’s show hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talked about suspended California Senator Leland Yee’s case, all the changes over at Twitch, the father who took his young sons to a war zone because they wanted to play the new Call of Duty game, Verizon throttling unlimited data plan customers, and a whole lot more. You can watch the video to your left right now.

Super Podcast Action Committee records live every Saturday at 6p PST on GamePolitics.com.

Grab the audio version here or on iTunes: SuperPAC Episode 109 (1 hour, 13 minutes) 90 MB (the show was live so it is made available in its raw, unedited format). Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Podcast Action Committee Episode 108

Super Podcast Action CommitteeIf you missed last week’s live broadcast of Super Podcast Action Committee (Episode 108), you can watch the video replay on YouTube,  download it below (in audio format), or find it on iTunes. In episode 108 hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight discuss the FCC’s plan to review state laws that ban cities from operating broadband networks, EA Access and PlayStation Now (both are in beta), Rust developer Facepunch taking heat from customers over working on multiple projects, and Philadelphia GameStops requiring fingerprints from customers looking to cash in their used games.

You can grab an audio version of the show on iTunes or at the link below:

SuperPAC Episode 108 (59 minutes) 73.7 MB (the show was live so it is made available in its raw, unedited format).

As always, you can subscribe to the show on iTunes and use our RSS Feed to add the show to your favorite news reader. You can also find us on Facebook, on Twitter @SuperPACPodcastand Google +. You can send us feedback on the show by dropping a note tosuperpacpodcast@gmail.com.

Credits: The Super Podcast Action Committee is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen, and produced by James Fudge. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko and “Barroom Ballet” by Kevin MacLeod. Both are in the public domain and free to use. ECA bumper created by Andrew Eisen. Read the rest of this entry »

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Game Review: House Of The Lost By F5 Games

House of the Lost by F5GamesI am a sucker for my Ouya. I backed it when it was on Kickstarter and love it every time I pick up a controller to play. There are so many great games on it and I never seem to run out of something new and interesting to try. So imagine my excitement when I learned that F5 Games, out of Tulsa, were releasing their rogue-like game House of the Lost on the Ouya.

I had played HotL a couple of times on my phone but never really could get into it because of the touch screen controls. They were a bit unwieldy for me. I could never make it through more than a couple of rooms. So when I learned about the Ouya version, I just had to try it out with a controller.

To give you an idea of what HotL is like, it is what is considered a rogue-like game. These are games that feature often brutal difficulty, randomized levels and perma-death. HotL features both perma-death and brutal difficulty and slightly randomized levels. Each level has a bunch of different predefined layouts but the game randomly picks which one you play. Read the rest of this entry »


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