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Category: Quick Thoughts

Quick Thought: I Have Been Conditioned To Expect More Commercials

Star Trek: The Original SeriesI think I have been negatively conditioned by modern television. I have been watching Star Trek: The Original Series on Netflix lately and nearly every episode, I think to myself, “This episode seems to never end.” Not that the episodes are boring or anything, just that they seem long. I then look at the show’s run time and notice that it is 50 minutes. Modern shows only clock in at 42ish minutes.


Quick Thought: Pokemon Go’s Latest Update Sucks Eggs

Pokemon Go's Eggs Have a ProblemI don’t have the time nor inclination to write up a full blown 800 word article on this, but I still wanted to share my thoughts. So introducing the first Random Tower Quick Thought. These are meant to get something that is nagging me off my chest and to spark a conversation. You don’t have to confine the whole conversation to the opening topic either.

On Monday, December 12, Niantic dropped its latest update on Pokemon Go players. Many people, such as myself, were expecting Gen 2 Pokemon to arrive. Well, they kind of did that. Instead of dropping the entire Gen 2 catalog on us, they gave us just the baby pokemon, minus Tyrogue. However, you can’t catch these new pokemon in the wild yet. You can only get them from hatching eggs. Sounds cool at first.

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