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Category: Game News

Razer Officially Puts An End To The Ouya

All the way back in the Summer of 2012, the Ouya took the world by storm. The promise was to release a modestly priced micro console, the first of its kind, that anyone could develop for. Their Kickstarter campaign quickly blew passed its goal and raised over $8million.

But it was not all roses and sunshine. The Ouya quickly caught the ire of those in the more “hardcore” gamer persuasion. They lambasted the system for its “under powered” hardware and the fact that it ran on an Android operating system, an OS typically used by hated “casual” gamers. But not all controversy was this kind of trumped up BS. The makers of the console created a number of controversies of their own.

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Sega Announces 10 More Genesis Mini Titles

Sega has released the titles of 10 more games coming to the Genesis Mini coming September 19. Andrew and I took the time to come up with 30 games we would like to see on this console. So where do these 10 games line up with our predictions?

Well, the image to the left are the 3 games of the 10 that either both of us or one of us predicted. Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 2 were both really safe bets. Andrew listed Contra: Hard Corps. That was it for titles on our lists. So what other games did Sega reveal that are coming to the Mini?

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Sega Mini Is Coming, But With What Games? [Updated]

The big news recently is that Sega is finally ready to launch their true competitor to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic consoles. While it is true that Sega has licensed out their console brand and game libraries to At Games in the past for a retro console experience, those offerings were plagued with terrible controllers and emulation. In response, Sega pulled the development of their latest retro console experience in-house and will release it this year on September 19th.

However, much like Sony, Sega is holding some of its cards close to its chest. While we know that we will be getting a Genesis 1 formatted console and two of the 3-button controllers with HDMI output for $80, we only know 10 of the 40 announced games. Those games are Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania Bloodlines, Space Harrier II, Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, ToeJam & Earl, Comix Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, and Gunstar Heroes.

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Sony Reveals The Full And Lackluster PlayStation Classic Game Lineup

Today, Sony announced the full game lineup to the recently announced PlayStation Classic. Last month, Sony announced the system, to be released in December, but only revealed 5 of the promised 20 games. Those five were Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. This led to wide speculation on the part of fans on what games would make up the other 15. Of course, Andrew and I made our predictions/wishes on what they would be. Let’s see how we stacked up to the official reveled list of 15 additional games.

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What Games Will Make Up The Secret 15 Games On The PlayStation Classic?

When Sony announced the PlayStation Classic console, its response to the wildly successful NES and SNES Classics from Nintendo, it promised us 20 games, but didn’t give us the full slate. Instead, it teased us with only 5 games that made the cut, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. It could have released only 5 titles to help keep word of mouth going as people, like Andrew and me, speculate on what games will show up on the console when it launches in December, or it plans to drip feed us games until then as a way of keeping its marketing going. Or, it could be that they don’t yet know what the final list of games will be and are struggling, just as I am, from turning this system into a massive RPG box.

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Who Is Atari Trying To Sell The VCS To, And Why Are They Doing Such A Bad Job?

Atari VCSA while back, Atari announced that they were working on their own retro console. Since that original announcement, they have drip fed those of us paying attention more information. Today, Atari finally announced when people can start preordering this console, May 30th. They also announced the preorder price of $199, if you get it when it goes live on IndieGogo.

The VCS seems really ambitious. Despite it coming out as a response to Nintendo’s massively successful NES and SNES Classic Editions, the VCS claims to be much more. While it does have a built in collection of retro Atari games, over 100 titles according to the latest email, Atari also claims “Many popular modern titles will be playable on Atari VCS”. That is certainly something Nintendo can’t claim. Yet, it is a claim that has yet to be qualified.

Despite the idea of the VCS being in competition with the SNES Classic, the price of the system lends it to be more in competition with the Switch and even Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. With a retail price of $250 and its claims of “support for 4K resolution, HDR and 60FPS content, onboard and expandable storage options, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as USB 3.0 support,” it certainly doesn’t feel like it is in the same category of the SNES Classic and its respective $80 retail price. Yet its lack of physical games and unknown library of 3rd or even 1st party titles means it does not quite fit in with the rest of the major console world.

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Nintendo To Release SNES Classic Edition This Fall

If you follow Nintendo hardware rumors in any capacity, it likely won’t come as a surprise to you, but for everyone else, I hope this is great news. Nintendo will be releasing a SNES Classic Edition this fall, September 29. This will be pretty much the same concept as the NES Classic Edition but with a few modifications.

The big changes are that it comes with 2 controllers instead of one, it will only have 21 games instead of 30, and finally it will be priced at $80 instead of $60 plus $10 for a second controller, as was the NES Classic. I personally don’t find these changes as too much of a surprise.


My Switch Thoughts: The Redux

Nintendo SwitchComing out of the Switch Event from last Thursday night, I have some additional thoughts about the Switch. I shared my first impressions back in October after the switch teaser trailer. My initial impression was that while I liked the system idea in general, I found it hard to think of ways its unique feature set fit into my lifestyle. Now that we have more details on the system and the games, I am still slightly cool on it. Andrew and I talked about the Switch at considerable length on our Molehill Mountain podcast this past Saturday. However, I want to share my own thoughts in a nice bite sized article for you. Let’s break it down to the good, bad, and ugly of the system.