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What if Nintendo made a new console dedicated to retro-style games?

nes-classic-edition-boxA couple of weeks ago, prior to the Nintendo Switch announcement, I had a weird dream in which it turned out that the upcoming NES Classic Edition actually was the NX.

That’s dumb but I shared it on Twitter anyway and one of my followers replied, “Don’t scare me like that. Unless…unless they plan to make new NES games. Old-school meets modern AAA.”

And that got me thinking… What if Nintendo made a new console dedicated to retro-style games?


Twitter Handles And Email Addresses In Fiction, What Safe Guards Should Be In Place?

FIFA 17 by EAEveryone has seen a 555 number in a movie or TV show. The FCC has declared a subset of those numbers for purely fictional uses. They did this so that real people wouldn’t be harassed by people dialing numbers they see in movies. Of course it isn’t perfect. Some producers don’t realize that only the 0100-0199 block of those 555 numbers are dedicated to fiction. Sometimes a tv show or movie, especially one from a smaller producer, will just toss 555 in front of a random 4 digit number and expect they are safe.

While the fictional phone number is an industry standard, there isn’t a similar standard for other communication mediums. Phones aren’t the only means of communication these days. People use email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media to communicate with one another. While a lot of shows will just make up a social media service to use in their fiction, a lot of them are near indistinguishable from their real life counterpart.


Sorry fanboys, tomorrow ain’t the day for Nintendo NX info

Nintendo DirectThe Nintendo NX.

We know almost nothing official about Nintendo’s “dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept” other than what I just put in quotes.  That’s pretty much all the Big N has revealed about the sucker and we learned that a year and a half ago.  It’s been radio silence ever since and rabid Nintendo fanboys like me have been DYING for new info.  Nintendo said it would reveal more about the NX in 2016.  Well, we still have four months left in the year and many think September is the month Nintendo will finally lift the curtain.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a Nintendo Direct for September 1st.  Is this it?  Is it FINALLY time to learn about the NX?



GameStop makes me SO MAD I want to hurl obscenities!!!

gamestopMy sister bought me a PS3 the Christmas before last and I’ve been happily catching up on many of the cool games I’ve missed (Sega’s Yakuza games are great; give them a try!).  Unfortunately, after only a mere 18 months, my PS3 controller has decided that the left stick should randomly send a “left” signal to the console.  This means that I often can’t run in a straight line or aim with any accuracy and navigating menus is a pain because the cursor keeps zooming to the left.

There doesn’t appear to be anything physically broken.  The stick isn’t loose, for example.  And it’s not a matter of the stick not being calibrated properly because the “left” signal can emit regardless of the stick’s position.  I tried resetting the controller and that didn’t help.  Over the past few weeks, it’s gotten worse.  The errant “left” signal is stronger and more frequent.

Well, the PS3’s warranty is only for one year so I guess I’m going to have to buy a new controller.

Yeah, about that…


Game director encourages western gamers to buy Tokyo Mirage Sessions despite localization changes

Outfit comparisonLast Friday, Mitsuru Hirata, chief director of Tokyo Mirage Sessions hit up Twitter to ask western gamers to buy the game despite various localization changes.

“Come to think of it, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE release date is this week on 24th isn’t it! For various reasons we had to change some outfits, contents of events and vocals, but I think the outfits of the overseas version are quite cute! If you live overseas and own a Wii U by all means buy the game!”

Okay, let’s unpack that comment, shall we?


Nintendo celebrates eShop anniversary, forgets about the rest of the world

eShop sale JapanYesterday, Nintendo announced a promotion to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the eShop, its online marketplace where you can buy digital games, new and classic alike.  100 titles on the eShop have been discounted by up to 50%.  The promotion starts today and runs through Monday.

Pretty sweet, right?

Yeah, but this promotion only applies to the Japanese eShop so what about THE REST OF THE WORLD?!

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GOG makes some of your Steam games DRM-free

GOG ConnectDigital distribution service GOG continues to be awesome!*  This week the purveyor of DRM-free games and movies announced GOG Connect, a new service that connects to your Steam library and adds any eligible games to your GOG library so that you can play them DRM-free.

Yep, buying the game once was enough.  If you own one of 23 eligible titles including FTL, Braid, Twine, The Witcher, and Bit.Trip Runner on Steam, you can add them to your GOG library free-of-charge.

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ESA announces an E3 event that is open to the public

e3livela-logo-largeFor a reporter, covering the goings-on at E3, the annual video game trade show put on by the Entertainment Software Association, is a massive pain in the ass exacerbated by the fact that a good chunk of the people you’re wading through to get to the person you’re supposed to interview or the game demo you’re supposed to attend are not a part of the industry and have no business being there in the first place.

Yes, every year gamers who are excited about what’s new in the gaming world but are not a part of the video game industry manage to weasel their way into the event and get in the way of those of us there to work (and, let’s be honest, fan boy and fan girl out at all the exciting gaming goodness).

For years, people have floated the idea of opening up one of the event’s days to the public.  Well, this year, the ESA has taken a slightly different approach.


Disney decides to stop ripping off gamers, cancels Disney Infinity

Disney-Infinity-Amazon-Bundle1Disney announced today in its second quarter earnings report that it has discontinued Disney Infinity and has closed Utah’s Avalanche Studios, the series’ principle developer.

Disney Infinity, like Skylanders before it and LEGO Dimensions after it, is a toys-to-life video game series that requires gamers to buy a bunch of expensive toys in order to unlock content in a game they already paid full price for (which can sometimes be as high as $100).  It’s a garbage practice and while the title of this article makes it seem like Disney had a crisis of conscience, it really just comes down to the fact that ripping off gamers in this manner just isn’t as profitable as it once was.