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Am I The Only One Who Understands Why The Music In Detective Pikachu’s Trailer Is Important?

The first trailer for the first ever live action Pokemon movie launched yesterday and despite other major news yesterday, you will be missed Stan Lee, no one can stop talking about it. From the way the CG pokemon look in this live action world, the voice of Deadpool’s own Ryan Reynolds, to the creepy yet hilarious Mr. Mime, they are just tearing this trailer apart. Yet, despite everything people are saying and writing about this trailer, there is one thing I have yet to see a major gaming journo site talk about, and it is seriously bugging the crap out of me.

Let’s start all the way back in 1967. In February of that year, a pop rock band which went by the moniker of The Turtles released a single, Happy Together. This single went on to top many charts world wide and was released more widely as the title track of The Turtles third album. As a classic rock fan, I have heard this song many many times throughout the years. Yesterday, that song was used to close out Detective Pikachu’s first trailer. Apparently, no one understands why this song stands out, at least why it should stand out.

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UPDATED: Warner Bros. Claims CinemaSins Everything Wrong With Annabelle: Creation Video

CinemaSins video claimed by Warner Bros.UPDATED: Its Back. Earlier today, CinemaSins, the channel dedicated to critiquing and over analyzing every single movie in existence, published its regularly scheduled sins video. This video was to sin the Warner Bros. distributed movie Annabelle: Creation. However, visitors to the popular movie critic Youtube channel were not given their weekly dose of movie sins. Instead, they were presented with the above copyright claim by Warner Bros. The text reads as follows:

Video Unavailable:
This video contains content from MC for Warner Bros., who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

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New Justice League Trailer Teases A New Member

The latest Justice League trailer launched today and it teased an incredible new edition to the team. At the end, while Alfred is working on some Bat-gadget, his scotch, or whatever it is that Alfred drinks, begins to tremble. He then looks up to see a welcome sight, exclaiming that they need that person’s help and that he hopes it is not too late. Of course we all know it can only be one being in the universe. See the reveal in the video after the break.


Ghostbusters’ nifty 3D gimmick that Sony didn’t advertise

Ghostbusters 3D“Would you like to see the 3D presentation of Ghostbusters?” my mom asked as we headed to pick up our tickets for an opening night screening of the new film.

“Nah,” I said.  “I like 3D just fine but not enough to justify an extra $4 on the already absurd ticket prices.”  (What can I say?  I’m cheap.)

If I’d only known…


No, Anna Kendrick did NOT say she wants to play Squirrel Girl

Squirrel GirlIf you keep abreast of superhero news you’ve probably seen a bunch of articles reporting that Anna Kendrick wants to play Squirrel Girl in a Marvel superhero movie.  That’s neat.  I’d love to see Squirrel Girl on the big screen and I’ve no doubt Kendrick could knock that role out of the park.  There’s only one problem…

She didn’t actually say that.

“My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should [play her],” she told fashion magazine Porter.  “I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!”

Yeah.  That’s it.

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My Hypocritical Problem With ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Cap vs HelicopterOther than directors Anthony and Joseph Russo still somehow failing to comprehend the very simple fact that shaking the camera during action scenes does nothing to increase audiences’ enjoyment and in fact makes the action more difficult to follow and thereby frustrating to watch, I rather enjoyed Marvel’s latest superhero film, Captain America: Civil War.

But I’m a nit picky pain in the posterior so I’m going to regale you with what I consider the biggest flaw in the film and why I’m a goofy hypocrite for thinking so.


‘Don’t Breathe’ trailer reveals a bit too much

Spoiler Warning! This post contains spoilers for the movie trailer posted to the left of this very sentence!

To the left you’ll find the trailer for Don’t Breathe, a movie about three no-goodniks who break into a blind guy’s house to steal his money so that they can move out of town and pursue lives of prosperity and happiness.

Unfortunately, this blind guy is a super-capable, curmudgeonly bad ass and doesn’t take kindly to strangers trying to take advantage of him.  He traps them in his house, turns out the lights, and hunts them down.

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Women wouldn’t be interested in owning a replica of Ripley’s shoes from Aliens, would they?

ripleyIn celebration of Alien Day (4/26, because the original Alien movies take place on a planetoid named LV-426), footwear and apparel company Reebok released a limited edition run of the high-top sneakers Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley wore in the first Alien sequel (pictured left).  Considering Ripley is, at least from an American perspective, the preeminent female action hero, fans were stunned to learn that her shoes were only available in men’s sizes.

What the hell, right?


Green Room Review

Green RoomIn the realm of performing arts, a green room is a room in which performers wait when they’re not out on stage doing their thing.  When you go to a concert, piano recital, comedy showcase, burlesque review, magic show, opera – anything that features people performing on stage in front of an audience – when the talent is not on stage, they’re hanging out in a green room.

As a performing artist myself, I have been in dozens upon dozens of different green rooms in dozens upon dozens of different venues and I’m going to share with you the dirty little secret show biz doesn’t want you to know:

Green rooms aren’t green.

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Ghost in the Shell and the cost-benefit of whitewashing

Live Action KusanagiOkay, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese comic book from the late ’80s that was made into an incredibly popular animated film in 1995.  Courtesy of Paramount and DreamWorks, the seminal anime classic is being made into a live-action feature staring Scarlet Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi.  As you might be able to tell from the character’s name, Kusanagi is Japanese.  And as you might be able to tell from the production still to the left, Johansson is not.

This has prompted numerous internet discussions (of varying levels of nuance and politeness) of “whitewashing,” the trend of casting white actors in non-white rolls.  According to a report in Screen Crush last week, Paramount and DreamWorks had commissioned visual effects tests to determine if Johansson’s appearance could be digitally altered to look Asian.

I have some thoughts about this.