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Disclosure Policy

We at Random Tower understand the ethical concerns that some readers may have about games journalism and its relationship with the industry it reports on. To that effect, we have felt the need to put forth a disclosure policy statement that all may read. So here is our policy.

Unless otherwise stated, all games reviewed on our site were purchased with our own money or reviewed based on legally and freely available version/demo.

We support Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns we are passionate about. We treat this just as we do with games we have purchased.

At Random Tower, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect with people in the industry. We believe that this is a healthy way to learn of new and interesting developments in the games industry. As such, we do not feel the need to disclose those relationships unless absolutely necessary.

There are times when a game developer or other person in the industry we report on has financially or in some other way materially supported us. We will disclose those instances for a time frame of one (1) year after the last such show of support.

We use a third party advertising partner. As such, we have limited control over the ads that appear on our site. We do have some control and if we feel a particular ad interferes with our ability to properly report on the industry, we will try to remove those ads.

Random Tower is a subsidiary of Divine Knight Gaming. Our Chief Editor, E. Zachary Knight, is also the Lead Developer/Co-owner of Divine Knight. Any article about Divine Knight or one of its games or subsidiaries will always include a disclaimer stating that fact.

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