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As Expected, EA Kills Servers For Games Using Online Pass

I am definitely not a fan of Online Passes for video games. These things are a waste of resources as well as bad business for gamers. One of my problems with them is the volatile nature of them. There are no guarantees that even if you buy a game new that the online pass will work 1, 2 or more years down the line, let alone be able to buy the content in the future if you got the game second hand. It looks like that future is already upon us.

EA has announced that it will be killing the servers for 14 games in the next 30 days. I can understand the need to stop services for games that have little or no use, but there are problems when the games require a server in order to function. That is the state of games with an Online Pass. Now if you decide to get one of the titles on the list you will be completely out of luck if you want to utilize any of the online content.

One thing to note here is that many of these games are barely 2 years old and are also sports titles. What this really tells me is that EA wants you to stop playing the older sports titles that you enjoy and go out and buy the newest iteration. This is a slap in the face for those players that like the features of the older title over whatever minor changes were made for the new update.

In the end, we will be seeing a lot more of this type of behavior from game companies. The prospect of capturing revenue from the used game market has blinded many publishers on how to properly handle such a move without turning off the customer. Perhaps one day we can look forward to a digital world where the game companies actually care about how the gamer feels and what they want. Until then, we will be stuck watching gamers be harmed by moves like this.

EA Screws Up Online Codes And Lets Them Expire

We all know about online passes that companies like EA and THQ have implemented into their console games. These little codes are meant to stymie the used market and bring in more revenue to the game publisher. Sadly, these things have been plagued with problems from the start.

It is now going around the web that EA has a little problem on its own that has customers all over the web complaining. Their online pass codes expire. People who are buying new copies of some older games that have these codes are finding that these codes are no longer valid. This is causing frustration for everyone involved. Frankly, EA should have seen this coming.

The whole idea of these codes was a bad idea from the start. Firstly, they don’t even need the extra revenue to keep servers up for every person who plays. But mostly because this is only causing bad blood between paying customers and the company. Why would anyone deal with a company that doesn’t trust them to buy a game? Why would anyone want to deal with a company that forces them to verify that that they bought the game?

This is just another bad decision in the long line of bad decisions that game companies have made in their fight against the used market. I don’t know why they can’t just deal with it like they should. Used games are never going anywhere. So why inconvenience paying customers with problems like this online pass? Fans of your games deserve more than what you give them.