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Tag: Sanran Kagura

Molehill Mountain Episode 60 – Mayo Beat Ketchup?!!!

I don’t know. You wanna talk about games?

Let’s talk about games.

  • 0:55 – Andrew explains why he gets so much adult-oriented spam
  • 7:11 – We officially start the show and discuss party dynamics in RPGs
  • 20:05 – Mario + Rabbids is looking pretty good and not just because it has a singing boss enemy
  • 32:40 – Two Senran Kagura games are coming to the Switch in all their… uh, glory?
  • 43:55 – We discuss the pricing models of Hamster’s Arcade Classics and Nintendo’s Virtual Console
  • 1:00:03 – Tabletop games are doing better than video games on Kickstarter
  • 1:24:35 – Nintendo clarifies how amiibo are used with Metroid: Samus Returns