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Random Tower’s New CafePress Store

One of the things we at Random Tower want to do is immortalize certain aspects of gaming and pop culture in t-shirt form. So we have opened a CafePress store in order to sell these wondrous creations. Right now we only have 3 t-shirt designs, but we have a few more on the way. So sit back and let me describe the shirts we have for you:

Warning: Exposure to Violent Games has been linked to having fun.This little wonder was designed to tell people the truth about gaming since people like Representatives Baca and Wolf want to force game developers to label their games with lies. So express to all the world what gaming really results in, having fun.

Try a Hard ResetBack in January, the protests against the Stop Online Piracy Act were going strong. People were really riled up about the ESA’s support for SOPA and were sending emails and phone calls to ESA member companies asking them for their individual position on the failed bill. Sega had a very interesting response. This advice is very much universal and timeless, so let the world know what they should do when something gets in their way.

Viewer Aggression Is AdvisedThis one is a bit different. What this shirt is based off of is an old Atari 7800 ad I found in a Batman Comic. While the font isn’t exact (what can you expect for a free font) it still gets the message across. This is also the start of a series of t-shirts I want to do based on old ads for video games and consoles. These ancient tag lines are perfect to stamp across your chest.

So those are the first three I have ready to go. Feel free to buy and wear to your heart’s content. I will post more as I upload them. Enjoy.

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