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Month: June 2016

GOG makes some of your Steam games DRM-free

GOG ConnectDigital distribution service GOG continues to be awesome!*  This week the purveyor of DRM-free games and movies announced GOG Connect, a new service that connects to your Steam library and adds any eligible games to your GOG library so that you can play them DRM-free.

Yep, buying the game once was enough.  If you own one of 23 eligible titles including FTL, Braid, Twine, The Witcher, and Bit.Trip Runner on Steam, you can add them to your GOG library free-of-charge.

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Amazon is making me feel old

Cabazon DinosWhile my sister and I were growing up, our mom often drove us from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California to visit our dad.  It’s a boring six to seven-hour drive through the desert with little to do or look at but us kids couldn’t help but get excited to see the dinosaurs at Cabazon, a small town in the middle of nowhere that featured two, towering dinosaur sculptures that served to draw attention to a small, privately-owned restaurant with a big sign that said “EAT.”

We loved those damn dinos.  It was just so cool to see these giant monsters standing out in the middle of the desert.