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Molehill Mountain Episode 61 – One Is the Loneliest Number

EZK is off to parts unknown so it’s just Andrew this week.

No timestamps this week but I talk a lot about why I’m not into The Last of Us after three hours of play, my favorite anime, cellphones in movie theaters, difficulties with my new editing software and other fun stuff!

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube or to your left. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes or download them from our good friends at KNGI.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night right here on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:59 PMeathdemonso you didnt like the last of us? kinda felt that way about all their games

6:59 PMlittlegittelLast of us??

7:00 PMlittlegittelI liked that game

7:00 PMCecil475Hi Andrew!

7:00 PMeathdemonI have said it before, their games tend to have subpar gameplay, and I am a gameplay first player

7:00 PMNextGenVixenThere won’t be any spoilers, right?

7:01 PMlittlegittelhey now. watching is playing for me

7:01 PMlittlegittelI help. I am a couch helper

7:03 PMlittlegittelbrb. gotta go put away the chickens

7:03 PMNextGenVixenIt really annoys me when they don’t have manuals too

7:03 PMeathdemongunna say what manual they dont exist anymore

7:03 PMNextGenVixenthe worst is when its a slip of paper showing the controls

7:04 PMeathdemonits a waste of money/trees

7:05 PMlittlegittelokay, I am back.

7:05 PMeathdemona high rated movie am I right

7:06 PMNextGenVixenI love uncharted 2, but couldn’t stand the first one either

7:06 PMeathdemonto me the uncharted games have weak souce gameplay

7:07 PMCodeNameZhi guys

7:08 PMTrey Ahzzebut did you make up your mind before playing that you werent going to like it?

7:08 PMCodeNameZhow you all doing

7:08 PMCodeNameZwhat game is that?

7:09 PMlittlegittelwe’re talking about The Last of Us

7:10 PMCodeNameZThe Uncharted explorationlooks just like classic Tomb Raider

7:11 PMlittlegittelI liked it because of the movie aspect. Like the characters and relationships. I got into it

7:14 PMTrey AhzzeI find that some people grumble about certain games before they play it because everyone is talking about..its not dumb.

7:15 PMScottyJayManI’m the guy who doesn’t like dark souls.

7:18 PMCodeNameZPeople are usually pissedwhen someone is in all commercials than he/shedies in the middle of the game

7:20 PMCodeNameZ“I’m gonna play this gameand I eill hate it” sounds like every person letsplaying Sonic Boom

7:20 PMCodeNameZwill*

7:23 PMNextGenVixenfunny, considering the other MGS games have longer opening cutscenes than that

7:23 PMCodeNameZMany people say that Skyrimhave the worst opening

7:25 PMlittlegittelI think it was Metal Gear IV that had one of those openings. a 30 minute scene. Like 5 minutes of play, and then 30 more minutes of cut scene. When we played it we “played” 2 hours and stopped.

7:25 PMlittlegittelnever played again. I am all for movie like video games, but at some point it becomes rediculous

7:26 PMNextGenVixenyeah that sounds like MGS4

7:27 PMCodeNameZYes that is Skyrim

7:28 PMeathdemonwhats your goty so far? for me its the new neir game by a mile.

7:29 PMCodeNameZCan you belive some peoplegot the Switch only to play portable Skyrim

7:29 PMeathdemonits a story thing, something happends about 1/2 the way through

7:30 PMScottyJayManSkyrim on the toilet

7:30 PMking. Savage.​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:30 PMNextGenVixeni dont think ive played a game released this year

7:30 PM king. Savage. was banned by Andrew Eisen.

7:30 PMNextGenVixenout of games ive played this year, would be Doom (2016)

7:31 PMlittlegittelBayonetta for the win!!!

7:31 PMMarcus Chenwhat do u think about snails

7:31 PMeathdemonthis year I have played neir,prey,dead cells, and ff14 so far

7:32 PMScottyJayManGotta say for me it’s Breath of the wild

7:32 PMDr. 20XXBeen playing Nioh a ton lately. It’s incredibly flawed, but tons of fun.

7:32 PMCodeNameZDid you hear the Switch isgetting sued over the joycons?

7:33 PMeathdemondead cells is rogue legacy with way better combat

7:35 PMeathdemonI will be playing xcom 2 xpack, and the new trails in the sky pc port

7:36 PMlittlegitteloooh, cannot wait to see it!!!

7:36 PMlittlegittelSee your Debut Review, not the show, just to be clear

7:36 PMeathdemonjtst watch mha instead

7:37 PMCodeNameZDid you think Nintendo gaveup on the mobile scene? The only game we knowabout is Animal Crossing and we have no info aboutit so would not be suprised if that is canceled

7:38 PMlittlegittelDont crush my dreams Z. Animal Crossing is my favourite and I want it!!

7:38 PMCodeNameZI love Animal Crossing also

7:38 PMScottyJayManFire emblem is making too much money.

:39PMCodeNameZ Mario Run have a score of 3something. It is low and just because you need topay for it. Is sad that most mobile users just wannafree stuff

7:40 PMlittlegittelI did the same for Desert Falcon, if you remember. Bird, Cane, Bowl. Warp to Sphinx. I love keeping notebooks when I am gaming

7:40 PMeathdemonI have a freind who built a scaper for a snes clasic

7:40 PM13Ucubefool me twice Nintendo…shameon ME

7:40 PMNextGenVixenif they made an N64 classic, I’d buy that

7:41 PM13Ucubehey all

7:41 PM13Ucubethere’s a gittl in the chat

7:41 PMlittlegittelHello Cube!

7:41 PMNextGenVixentheres DRM >.>

7:43 PMScottyJayManOk let’s talk about andrew behind his back!

7:43 PM13Ucubenotice mario riding yoshi ridingluigi shadow

7:43 PMlittlegittelI want him to put something different or odd like in the background for each video.

7:44 PMlittlegittelJust to make it interesting

7:44 PMlittlegittelnot that he is not interesting himself

7:45 PMlittlegittelOMG!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!!

7:45 PMlittlegittelI think that’s mum’s handwriting

7:45 PMCodeNameZIts even more sad that somemobile users will pay $300 for an used Samsungphone but paying $0.01 for a game, that is a rip offfor them

7:45 PM13Ucubeyou helping andrew try outfitswould be great vid

7:45 PMScottyJayManI’ve got loads of papers with Megaman passwords

7:45 PMlittlegittelMegaman!!!!!

7:45 PM13Ucubeitd be like the “get him to eatsnacks” vid

7:46 PM13UcubeMario Riding Yoshi, riding luigi tome

7:47 PMlittlegittelyou can’t pay for apps, gotta save up for the inevitable next $600 phone that will come out in a year

7:47 PMNextGenVixen“I would’ve bought it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids”

7:48 PMCodeNameZI remerber when my dad sayto me “Why you buy games when you can piratethem”…. yea he is a really cheap person

7:50 PMCodeNameZI did pirate stuff when I wasin my early teen but overtime I pirate less and lessso here I am buying most my stuff

7:51 PMNextGenVixenWe don’t really have that problem in the UK, people understand cinema etiquette

7:53 PMScottyJayManWhen you live in Australia and the Lego movie comes out 8 months after the rest of the world, it can get frustrating

7:53 PMCodeNameZIn my country before themovie start we have a funny ad saying to put phoneon vibrate

7:53 PM13Ucubeand leave your chatty poorlybehaved children AT home

7:53 PMNextGenVixenwild bush fires

7:53 PMCodeNameZScotty but the LEGO movie isalready in English

7:54 PM13Ucubethat’s why God invented dvd

7:55 PMlittlegittelIm gonna use that. “You paid for A ticket, you didnt rent the theatre”

7:55 PMlittlegittelhaha

7:56 PMlittlegittelOh, I so want to get into an altercation now

7:56 PM13Ucubethat’s so true

7:56 PMScottyJayManCodenamez it was the studios idea to delay the movie for the Easter holiday

7:56 PM13Ucubethat’s why they built CRY ROOMsin church

7:57 PMCodeNameZToday people dont have aDVD player anymore. I have a 10 year old DVDplayer not plugged in my TV, does it work? I dontknow. OK maybe because I use my PS2 as a DVDplayer

7:58 PMCodeNameZYou rented a seat, so alltalking you do shold not leave you seat

7:58 PMlittlegittelYes Z. I like the way you think

7:59 PMScottyJayManCone of silence from get smart

8:00 PMNightmare Gamerhii like anime

8:00 PM13UcubePlayStation 5 will have HDGamaRay player … digitally

8:01 PMNextGenVixenUHD

8:01 PMNextGenVixenps4 doesnt even support it

8:01 PMCodeNameZBut Andrew today peopleneed to watch the newest movie first, or they will diebecause they cannot wait few days to be healty.

8:01 PMScottyJayManSwitch carts. Media of the future!

8:01 PMNightmare Gamerwhats your favorite anime?

8:02 PMCodeNameZI think regular Blu Ray nevertook off, it is there but I feel DVD is still the morepopular option

8:03 PMCodeNameZ“I’m sick a movie will makeme feel better” but make everyone else feel worst

8:04 PMIcySon55Trigun?

8:05 PMParalxnobep

8:05 PMDr. 20XXDo you have an account on my anime list?

8:05 PMParalxnobeplease shout out for me, illdonate 10 dollars

8:05 PMBornDistracteddolby vision shall save uhd…

8:06 PMParalxnobeno you dont have to

8:06 PM13Ucubei’ll bet 10 bucks he doesn’t pay

8:06 PMCodeNameZStill need to finish KobayashiDragon maid. Few episode left

8:06 PMBornDistractedlol cube…

8:06 PMNOVANOX117 Liam SpenceMoist

8:08 PMCodeNameZWhats wrong withDragonball?

8:08 PMlittlegittel“It’s just like this, only without the suck” hahahaha

8:08 PMScottyJayManSo no to neon genesis evangelion

8:08 PM13Ucubeany notable features from recentOBS update worth mentioning?

8:08 PMNextGenVixenthe names are terrible

8:09 PMIcySon55the names are jokes… XD

8:09 PMCodeNameZWell I wanna to hear youropinnion why it is terrable

8:09 PMNextGenVixenall based on vegetables

8:09 PMBornDistractedlost in translation lol

8:11 PMCodeNameZDid you play Yokai Watch andyou like it more or less than Pokemon?

8:11 PMIcySon55yes, Vegeta (Vegetable), Kakarot (Carrot), Bulma is Bloomers, and Trunks… well you get the idea

8:12 PMMarcus Chenu a fan of SMT?

8:12 PMIcySon55no, they’re just a different category of jokes names

8:12 PMIcySon55it’s all jokes

8:12 PMNextGenVixengohan – rice, piccolo – pickle

8:12 PMBornDistractedis it true the creator of pokemon is autistic?…

8:12 PMScottyJayManI’m Pickle Rick!!!!!!!!

8:12 PMParalxnobeLOVE UR CHANNEL

8:12 PMCodeNameZYou dont like Pokemon?*grabs a baseball bat*…. also whats your adress

8:13 PMBornDistractedI ment no offense sir andrew

8:15 PMlittlegittelThat’s okay, Oct is the best month!!

8:15 PMCodeNameZHere is something, mostPokemon fans dislke Pokemon Go. I am one ofthem. It is such a dislike that Pokemon fanbase andPokemon Go fanbase is not considered the samefanbase

8:16 PMIcySon55are you using Vegas or Premiere?

8:16 PMlittlegittelYou don’t like Pokemon Go, Z?!?! (Grabs baseball bat) What’s your address again??

8:16 PMIcySon55or something else?

8:17 PMIcySon55I make video templates all the time in Vegas… *shrug*

8:18 PMCodeNameZSaying I dont like PokemonGo would be a soft statment

8:18 PMIcySon55oh…

8:18 PMBornDistractedmy digital camera does 1080/60

8:19 PMlittlegittelWell Z, there goes our friendship. 😛

8:20 PMIcySon55yeah, you’re using Vegas, I’d stick to 2012…

8:20 PMCodeNameZOh wait. I know you? 😉

8:21 PMlittlegittelDuh, Z!

8:21 PMlittlegittel

8:21 PMIcySon55I agree, based on your experience, I’ll stay on 2012

8:22 PMIcySon552012’s UI is still like the old one

8:23 PMCodeNameZIs it true you cannot buyadobe premiere anymore you can only lincence it?

8:23 PMعلياء السبيعيhi guys

8:23 PMIcySon55yeah, they switched to the Windows 10 look ‘n feel which is flat garbage solid colors

8:24 PMIcySon55oh yeah, DM me on twitter if you still need some help with the Wii U guide 

8:25 PMCodeNameZI notice when I got older I likeless and less games

8:25 PMlittlegittelg’night y’all

8:26 PMCodeNameZlatter guys

8:26 PMlittlegittelg’night Z

8:26 PMIcySon55it’s been fun, see you next time

8:26 PMNextGenVixenTake care Andrew

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