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I had been looking forward to Ghostbusters, until the trailers started coming out. And even though the trailers were cringe-inducingly bad, I know that trailers are not always indicative of the quality of the actual movie, and I still wanted to give it a shot. Because it’s GHOSTBUSTERS. 😀 But the torrent of shit from the people behind the movie, to the effect of “Fuck everybody who doesn’t like the trailers, they’re just a bunch of misogynists,” has really put a foul taste in my mouth, and made me not want to reward them with my money.

They’ve spun this narrative into a core feature of their marketing, that this movie is really sticking it to them durn misogynists. Those few obnoxious crackpots are around, of course, like they always are. But they don’t explain why the Ghostbusters trailer got nearly a million dislikes, while Force Awakens or Rogue One, both of which are also from a beloved franchise that switched to female leads, got around twenty thousand (and the Force Awakens trailer was pissing off the racist scum, too!). Or look at the Hunger Games. No great amount of dislikes on those, either.

I mean, what’s more plausible here? That there is a vast horde of misogynists who have been waiting as female-centric movie after female-centric movie comes by, biding their time, until they finally get the secret signal on their Misogyny Club decoder rings to dogpile on this movie? All the while, making sure to disguise their misogyny by making valid criticisms that have nothing to do with the gender of the cast? Or could it be that the trailers were just pretty bad and a lot of people didn’t like them? I know what the people behind the movie would say, and that’s why I’m probably going to sit this one out.