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Oh, that was me actually for gifting you Stardew Valley, EZK – unless you got it twice, in which case go ahead and gift it ahead to someone else. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

On the Stanley Parable: Yes, the main storyline is quite boring, and purposely so. This is an issue in that it doesn’t give a good first impression of the game to many people. Most other paths are much more entertaining, though there are a couple other ones that fizzle out at the end. Beyond that, the game is closer to a visual novel in spirit – you have a set number of decisions you can make, you make them, and then watch the story that happens for each decision.

Overall I’d call it more of an art piece than a proper game. It’s making a point about interactivity and the illusion of free will in a medium where every choice has to be pre-programmed for you.]

On Andrew’s “game” definition, actually even standing around won’t make you “fail” here – the game expects that, and will comment on it as well. I suppose maybe you can fail at obtaining a particular ending, though – the True Art ending in particular actually requires beating a four-hour long minigame to get it – but that’s about it.