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Tag: Anita Sarkeesian

Molehill Mountain Episode 6 – By the Seat of Our Pants

There wasn’t much happening this week that grabbed our attention.  Well, other than Brexit, which neither EZK or Andrew feel qualified to weigh in on (not that that stops them!) so the majority of this week’s show is a grab bag of topics and questions from the chat.

EZK and Andrew discuss what little they know and understand about Brexit (0:10), Andrew reviews the Ghostbusters cover by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott (8:05 – listen to the new song here), they talk a bit about the latest Tropes vs. Women in Video Games episode and address other Sarkeesian questions and comments (25:35), the Nintendo NX is rumored to use cartidges (47:09), and the good old days of expensive old games and the games rental business (54:13).

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