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Ouya Review: BombSquad


BombSquad by Eric Froemling is one of those games that is touted by Ouya as one of its best apps. In some ways it is, but in many ways I have to disagree. But let’s tell it like it is. BombSquad is a pure multiplayer game. That may not be accurate but is the only way I was able to enjoy it.

Let me explain. When I first downloaded it, I was looking for a few multiplayer games to try out. However, I was not going to just hand a controller off to one of my kids before trying it out. When I downloaded the game, I was under the impression that there was going to be an AI component that would allow me to play by myself. I could not find anything of the sort. The game just dumps your single character into the arena by yourself. No enemies just you and some bombs. Not really fun. Additionally, if you as the only player in the match decide to drop out, the game just sits there in the arena until someone new pops in.

It wasn’t until I actually handed a controller off to someone else that I really found out what made the game fun. The game is a simple concept. You have 5 minutes to blow up your opponents with a variety of bombs. There are land mines, taser bombs and even sticky bombs. But that is not the only way to kill. You can also beat your opponent with your fists or knock them off the cliff. There are also several game play modes, death match, ┬ácapture the flag, king of the hill and even racing. However, none of these modes are really explained all that well and it is up to the players to figure it out.

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