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Tag: Cosmic Star Heroine

What Zeboyd Games Does Right With RPG Random Battles

Zeboyd Games: Breath of Death 7 and Cthulhu Saves The WorldWhile I wait for Zeboyd Games’ latest RPG Cosmic Star Heroine┬áto be released, I finally got around to playing their first RPGs. I bought the double pack of Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves The World from the Steam Winter Sale and I am not disappointed.

Overall, the games are solid retro-styled JRPGs with great humor. If you are not a JRPG fan, these games won’t convert you, but if you like JRPGs, specifically those of the NES, SNES and Genesis days, these make a great nostalgia trip. All in all they are pretty by the books. However, there is one major feature that sets Zeboyd JRPGs apart from their peers. Something that makes these games so much better than every other JRPG I have played. Both of these games allow the player to skip random battles.