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Tag: Fortnite

Molehill Mountain Episode 116 – Bowsette Bandwagon

Nintendo and Sony both listened to their fans.  How about that?

22:36 – LEGO Worlds for Switch requires subscription to Nintendo’s online service to download free DLC

28:13 – Sony enables cross platform play for Fortnite; is disgustingly disingenuous about it

35:14 – Nintendo gives 6 month grace period before deleting your cloud saves if your subscription lapses

41:31 – Listening to fan feedback, Valve rename’s Artifact’s ‘Crack the Whip’ card

48:50 – Mario Odyssey art book shows Bowsette was a thing before the internet made it a thing

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Molehill Mountain Episode 105 – Poor, Put-Upon Scrappy-Doo

How could we be so cruel?

23:52 – Pirates pirate pirates so pirates can’t pirate pirates!

30:22 – PUBG drops lawsuit against Fortnite

33:54 – Sony drops ball on cross-platform play, Nintendo and Microsoft run with it

47:09 – PQube cancels western localization of Omega Labrynth Z, seemingly at behest of Sony

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