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Tag: Image and Form

Linux Game Review: SteamWorld Dig By Image And Form

I recently bought the Humble Bundle 12 in order to get a copy of Gone Home and Papers, Please. I really wanted to try both of those games. After playing Papers, Please, I decided to play a different game from the bundle and tried out SteamWorld Dig. As a result, I found my favorite game of that bundle so far. It doesn’t often happen that the game I bought a bundle for is not my favorite, but when it does, I am pleasantly surprised.

SteamWorld Dig is a clever platformer staring a steam powered robot named Rusty. Developed by Image and Form, SteamWorld Dig takes you to the heart of a mining town built on top of a mine with many dark secrets about the past and source of the robots that make up the cast.

The game opens up as Rusty travels to the mining town to visit his Uncle Joe just to find out that his Uncle is dead, beyond repair. Inheriting his trusty pickax, Rusty must dig through his Uncle’s claim to find out what happened to him. Throughout exploring the mine, Rusty finds ore and minerals that allow him to purchase new equipment and upgrades. Additionally, Rusty stumbles upon mysterious platforms that provide him new powers and abilities that allow him to reach harder to explore areas. Eventually, these new powers allow Rusty to solve the mystery of his Uncle’s death.

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