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Molehill Mountain Episode 2 – What Is a Video Game?

On this week’s show, EZK and Andrew continue to Kick the Bucket List (12:38), discuss the ESA’s public E3 event being held down the street from the main show (31:46), try to figure out the chronology of events surrounding a Cleveland police officer donating his Pokemon collection to a boy whose own was stolen collection was recovered (40:19), and spend a ton of time debating super-important questions like: “Should ‘fun’ be the baseline descriptor for games?” “Should games be called ‘games’ or something else?” “How do you define ‘video game’?” (46:06).

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What happens when you combine a 9-year-old boy, Pokemon and the Cleveland police?

Poke-copLet me regale you with the story of a 9-year-old boy and his recent interaction with a Cleveland police officer.

(No, no one gets shot.)

Young Bryce was walking to his friend’s house with a¬†binder full of Pokemon cards tucked under his arm when some loathsome bully snatched¬†it from him and ran off.

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