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Tag: Project Octopath Travler

Molehill Mountain Episode 68 – Andrew Is a Hating Hater Who Hates

Seriously, what’s with that guy?

33:17 – Andrew opines that game journalists who were confused by the Wii U were lying or terrible at their jobs

42:05 – Senran Kagura producer wants to make a game that appeals to women

46:25 – What is and is not clickbait?

51:50 – What is and is not hyperbole?

54:30 – Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist appears to be full-blown bad guy with no redeeming qualities. How does that compare to previous protagonists of Rockstar Games?

1:05:55 – New Mummy video game movie tie-in seems to have nothing to do with the movie is’s tied-in to.

1:18:28 – Andrew talk a bit about the Project Octopath Traveler demo.

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