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Tag: Saturday Morning RPG

Ouya Review: Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning RPGAs a child of the 80s, I grew up watching classic Saturday morning cartoons such as Masters of the Universe, Transformers, G.I. J.O.E. and more. Those were the days when cartoons were not afraid to be marketing tools for their respective toy lines. Today’s cartoons just don’t have the same flare and camp that I grew to love. Fortunately, I am not the only one that pines for days long past. Saturday Morning RPG by Mighty Rabbit Studios¬†helps me to relive those glory days in a sleek retro styled RPG.

SMRPG opens up in a dream sequence in which the main character Marty’s girlfriend is kidnapped by Commander Hood, the leader of the Cobra spoof military organization. Marty attempts to prevent the kidnapping but is quickly outmatched. Upon realizing his inability to fight, the ¬†Wizard, a shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and Power Glove wearing being, appears and gives Marty a notebook of power. The Notebook, which resembles the 80s and 90s student staple Trapper Keeper, grants Marty the power to use everyday objects such as laser discs, pencils, toys and scratch-n-sniff stickers to fight off Commander Hood’s minions.

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