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Tag: Toto Temple

Ouya Review: Toto Temple Deluxe

Not long ago, Juicy Beast, the creators of Knightmare Tower, released their latest Ouya exclusive game Toto Temple Deluxe. (Full Disclosure: Juicy Beast provided me with a free game code for Toto Temple Deluxe) Toto Temple is their first foray into the growing world of local multiplayer competitive gaming on the Ouya. Following the success of Towerfall, the Ouya has seen a growing number of games that are competing for that audience. And Juicy Beast has created one of the best contenders of late.

Toto Temple has a simple concept. Grab the goat and keep it. It is essentially a capture flag game, but that is only the beginning.

In Toto Temple, 2-4 players enter an arena which has a goat in the middle. Each player then attempts to grab that goat and carry it on their head. The other players then use a dash attack to knock that player down and take the goat for themselves. As the game progresses, powerups appear that grant non-goat holding players special moves and attacks that aid their effort to capture the goat.

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