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Molehill Mountain Episode 1 – Every Topic Is SUPER Important!


Molehill Mountain is our new name, we just need a logo. ┬áIf you want to help us out with that, please feel free to contact us! In the meantime, we’ll continue posting the show as epilogues to Super Podcast Action Committee.

On this week’s show, EZK and Andrew debut a new show segment where they compare bucket lists (14:37), discuss why Apple is wrong for rejecting a Gaza war game for not being a game (35:43), facepalm at Metacritic using the wrong review AND review score from the Washington Post’s Uncharted 4 review (55:23), and debate how skillful a game reviewer should be and how important is it that they play all the way through the games they review (1:04:54).

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WaPo Writer Criticizes Uncharted 4, Metacritic Misrepresents It, Gamer Freaks Out With Poorly Written Petition

Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndIt is a story as old as time. A game critic criticizes a highly anticipated and fan loved game. Metacritic attempts to aggregate the review and messes up. Then angry gamers freak out in the worst possible manner.

So let’s lay out some details. Michael Thompson wrote a critical review of Uncharted 4. In this he writes that U4 is an inevitable but unneeded fourth installment in a game trilogy. He criticizes┬áit further by stating, “The games have always struck me as garish more than gorgeous, more interested in overwhelming the senses than communicating with them.” Overall, this is nothing more than someone who is not a fan of the series writing up his thoughts. Something that is ultimately harmless. Sadly, some people don’t see it that way.