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Tag: spoilers

Molehill Mountain Episode 24 – SPOILERS!!!

There will be no Molehill Mountain podcast this weekend (Saturday the 5th) due to Andrew’s Extra-Life video game charity marathon.  The entire event will be streaming right here on RandomTower so if you’d like to drop by and say hey, please do!

As for last week’s show, we weren’t going to talk about Nintendo this week but we just can’t seem to help ourselves (18:50)!  After that, we discuss the fact that OnePlay has taken on Desura, but not its parent company’s debt (38:34) then we try to figure out when exactly the statute of limitations on spoilers expires (48:42).

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‘Don’t Breathe’ trailer reveals a bit too much

Spoiler Warning! This post contains spoilers for the movie trailer posted to the left of this very sentence!

To the left you’ll find the trailer for Don’t Breathe, a movie about three no-goodniks who break into a blind guy’s house to steal his money so that they can move out of town and pursue lives of prosperity and happiness.

Unfortunately, this blind guy is a super-capable, curmudgeonly bad ass and doesn’t take kindly to strangers trying to take advantage of him.  He traps them in his house, turns out the lights, and hunts them down.

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