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Month: November 2016

Legend Of Dragoon Took 65 Pretty Cool Hours Of My Life I Won’t Get Back

Legend Of DragoonA few months back, I started playing Legend of Dragoon for the PS1 for the first time. I had the first three of four disks sitting on my game shelf for years and just needed an excuse to start playing. Had I actually played that, I would have been able to borrow disk four from my brother. However, I was planning on buying that disk somewhere at sometime. That didn’t work out. Instead, I bought the game through the PSN store as a PS1 classic game.

It sat for a few months in my PSN library waiting for me to play it, but I never got around to it. Playing it on my PS3 was kind of a pain because my kids used the PS3 for TV and movies as well as Minecraft. The couple of hours I had after they went to bed were often spent spending time with my wife or working on my side projects. That all changed when I got my PSP. I picked it up at a thrift store for $8 and had to replace the battery for another $9. It was probably the best gaming hardware investment I ever made. I now had the freedom to play all those PS1 classics at will and I decided to start with Legend of Dragoon.

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Black Friday, A Dark Stain On Our Consumerism; Or, How I learned to Survive To Shop Another Day

Black FridayI am not a big fan of shopping. I tend to go somewhere, get what I need and leave. Occasionally, when I want to waste some time, I will browse for about 20-30 minutes. But I can’t go to the mall or store and “shop” for hours. This is all during normal business hours.

I used to work in retail. I worked at a game store, EB Games, for a few months, but thankfully not during the holiday season. I also worked at Kohl’s as a sales associate and Target as an overnight stocker both during the Holiday season. And let me tell you, it sucked. At Kohl’s I spent my time dealing with unruly customers and short stock on promotional items. It was a terrible combination. At Target, I avoided the customers, but I had to deal with their messes. Customers would just toss stuff around. They wouldn’t put things back on the shelves when they decided they didn’t want the item they pulled off. Shoes were the worst. Even on normal business hours, shoes are the worst to clean up, but during the holiday season that department looked like a warzone.


Molehill Mountain Episode 26 – A Mature Discussion Of NPC Genitalia

Andrew returns to chat with Zachary about the NES Classic Edition supply shortage (1:14), a rumored launch game for the Nintendo Switch that crosses Mario RPG with Ubisoft’s Rabbids (30:03), the price of Nintendo’s upcoming mobile title, Super Mario Run (36:55), and Sony suspending a gamer’s PSN account for sharing a screen of a naked NPC in Watch Dogs 2 (55:42).

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Gamers Raise Over $8 Million for CMN Hospitals

Every year, the Extra-Life charity event tasks gamers with a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  This year, participating gamers raised (as of this writing) $8,338,500!

I live in San Diego so I was playing for the Rady Children’s Hospital.  With the help of a bunch of super generous people, I raised $825 this year which is by far the most I’ve raised for Rady Children’s in a single year!

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Molehill Mountian Episode 25: All Sold Out

Andrew had to work last weekend so Zachary took the show’s reins and spent most of the time discussing Nintendo’s, um… interesting choice not to open pre-orders for the NES Classic Edition in North America as well as the console’s limited supplies bolstering scalper culture (in other words: Do you want an NES Classic Edition right now?  You’re probably going to have to rely on re-sellers who are asking over five times its retail price.)

EZK also spends some time talking about Trump’s policies.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 24 – SPOILERS!!!

There will be no Molehill Mountain podcast this weekend (Saturday the 5th) due to Andrew’s Extra-Life video game charity marathon.  The entire event will be streaming right here on RandomTower so if you’d like to drop by and say hey, please do!

As for last week’s show, we weren’t going to talk about Nintendo this week but we just can’t seem to help ourselves (18:50)!  After that, we discuss the fact that OnePlay has taken on Desura, but not its parent company’s debt (38:34) then we try to figure out when exactly the statute of limitations on spoilers expires (48:42).

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What if Nintendo made a new console dedicated to retro-style games?

nes-classic-edition-boxA couple of weeks ago, prior to the Nintendo Switch announcement, I had a weird dream in which it turned out that the upcoming NES Classic Edition actually was the NX.

That’s dumb but I shared it on Twitter anyway and one of my followers replied, “Don’t scare me like that. Unless…unless they plan to make new NES games. Old-school meets modern AAA.”

And that got me thinking… What if Nintendo made a new console dedicated to retro-style games?