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Tag: The Binding Of Isaac

Binding Of Isaac Denied 3DS Release Thanks To Archaic Rules At Nintendo

The Binding Of Isaac

It looks like this week is going to be “controversial game can’t get published” week. Earlier we wrote about how Microsoft refused to publish Heavy Rain due to its theme of kidnapped children. Next we have a story about Imagination Is The Only Escape which was unable to get published in 2008 and is now making a comeback through crowdfunding. Now comes news that The Binding Of Isaac won’t see a 3DS release because of its religious themes.

That’s right. The popular game about a boy whose mother believes she hears the voice of God telling her to kill her son was refused a 3DS release by Nintendo. For those who don’t know, The Binding Of Isaac is a parody of the Biblical story of Abraham and his son Isaac. In the story, Abraham is commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. At the last moment, right before Abraham was about to kill his son, God stops him and declares that Abraham passed the test of loyalty to God.

In Binding, that story is parodied in such a way as to depict the mother of Isaac as crazy. Isaac, not wishing to die escapes through the basement and sewers and fights many monsters representing the seven deadly sins and more. It is because of that parody of a religious story that Nintendo refused to allow it on the 3DS. 

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