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I recently started selling games and other things on Amazon. I am hoping to make this a profitable side business to my current full time job of web development. So far things are doing quite well. I am about 3 weeks in and have made about $200 after an initial $200 investment in inventory. So not bad at all.

I plan to use this site to highlight inventory items that I think would make a good buy, not just for me but also for you. You are the reason I started selling. I have a number of games that I enjoyed over the years that I am now parting with and have found a number of games that I want to bring to the public. I can’t guarantee that I have played all these games, but I will be honest when I talk about them.

One thing I do want to share is that you cannot underestimate the value of shopping at garage sales and on Craigslist. Most of my current inventory has come from those two sources. In fact, all the Final Fantasy games (except the SNES Final Fantasy 3) and all the Halo ODST/Forza 3 combos came from garage sales. I have also found some good deals on Craigslist, although those seem to be far in between.

Hopefully, I will see my inventory grow and there will be more games for everyone to find.

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