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CD Projekt Claims Its 100% Sure Of Guilt When Sending Letters

Perhaps you can tell I am a little unconvinced of this. CD Projekt Made headlines last week when it decided to send out shake down letters to suspected file sharers. In response to the outrage in the media, CD Projekt has been making the rounds to mitigate the damage. It has now claimed that it is 100% sure of the guilt of those receiving the letters.

I really find this hard to believe. Considering how flimsy the IP address based evidence is, I see no way that they can be more than 50% sure. We have already seen both in the US and in Europe that these types of lawsuits are not very popular with the courts. So why would they bother with them?

I have already spoken about what I think of this on Techdirt yet I think it bares repeating. I don’t have a problem with a company protecting its copyrights. I also think that CD Projekt have done a lot of good in gaming with its stance on DRM. However, these shakedown letters are going to far. Too many innocent people are caught in the cross fire. To many innocent people are pressured into settling rather than defend themselves in a costly legal battle. This is bad for everyone involved, even those sending the letters. This will do a lot ot tarnish the reputation that CD Projekt has in the gaming community.

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